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Friday, Preview: Clean Eating Breakfast Day 1

Posted Mar 20 2009 3:04pm
Hello All!

I seriously had an awesome night(and I hope you did too)! My night started with Body Attack- I taught and shot my video for my certification. I was totally nervous all day…I could not concentrate at all at work but the class went SO smooth! Heck yah;) I’d love to share a clip with you, but its on a VHS tape. If I can figure out a way to get it onto a DVD, I will def post it up!

After class, Josh and I went to a local deli for dinner and I got the salad bar. Everything was so fresh and healthy, it was heavenly. Then we went to Lowe’s (which is a Friday night hot spot haha;)

Thank you all for the kick butt comments on my Eating Clean post. Lots of fabulous feedback! If you are interested in trying it at all- I say go for it! Try it for a day or a few days- you don’t need to commit to a whole month (I know that is a big commitment!!). Also- feel free to make modifications! If you need 1 glass of (maybe organic) red wine or a dark chocolate square- do it! Some of you made some fab suggestions and I’d just like to highlight a few :

Michelle from What Does Your Body Good? - suggested I try green tea instead of coffee. I have never been a tea person, but I haven’t tried green tea. I asked her for some advice, so I may give it a whirl ;)

bHealthier from Body Mind Soul -Mentioned that tilapia is farm raised and that wild caught Salmon is a better choice. I completely agree. Here is the thing….I don’t like fish. GASP! I know I know. Tilapia is pretty much the least fishy fish, so its all I can handle. Anyone have any other suggestions?

And….because it rocks- did you all see the awesome tortilla recipe up on Heather’s Blog???

Ok, so I threw together the start of breakfast tomorrow...

Equal parts milk and oats (1/2 cup of each for Josh, 1/4 cup for me), threw them in the fridge to "cook" over night". Tomorrow I plan to add Flax and maybe a few walnuts:

Maybe a dash of natural honey to mine and some natural PB to Josh's. Tell me about your Friday night- do anything fun?

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