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Friday Market Finds

Posted Jul 26 2013 2:35pm

TGIF! Friday is easily my favorite day of the week.  Mostly because I have Fridays off, but also because it’s like, “freedom from the work week! and I have the ENTIRE weekend to look forward to….so many activities to choose from!”  But honestlyyyyy the hubs and I are usually lounging around the house friday nights with a cold brewski in one hand, homemade pizza in the other, either watching the sunset on the deck or glued to the T.V. with some series on Netflix (we’re almost caught up on Mad Men!).

Friday is the day that I almost always hit up the local market and discount store, try to clean up around the house (why is it so hard to keep up with cleaning during the week? Someday I’ll figure it out) and get started on the laundry.  That way we have both Saturday and Sunday open to get out of the house and do something new.


 One of the best things about living in this small town in Ohio is the local farmer’s market that’s about 1 mile from our duplex.  I’ve been going at least 1 a week since we moved here a year ago and am still obsessed with it: the prices, local produce, convenience…all of the things!


I try to get all of the produce we need until I go back again next Friday or Saturday.  Sometimes I’ll have a list of the exact things I want to get for recipes, but sometimes I’ll just go with whatever I’m feeling, which looks the most fresh (and is locally grown/in season) and has the best prices. Then I’ll usually meal plan with whatever veggies we have for the week.

This morning I managed to snag for just under $20:

  • 3 pounds local green beans
  • 1 pound local mushrooms
  • 1 dozen local corn on the cob
  • 5 locally grown peaches (!!)
  • 4 locally grown cucumbers
  • 1 extra large local zucchini
  • 2 pounds new potatoes


Afterwards, I swung over to the local discount store and found some more goldmines:

  • wing sauce
  • local honey
  • whole wheat tortillas
  • cottage cheese
  • greek yogurt- it’s a good day at the discount store when you find a big tub of this for $2
  • local eggs (again….$1.49!!)
  • 4 luna bars
  • swiss cheese
  • laundry detergent

(Side note: hardly any of the things I buy are expired!  The yogurt, for example, doesn’t expire for sometime in August.  Why it’s at the store I don’t know, nor care, because I love the prices!  Most items at the store are close to expiration date, or expires that day- but never like 3 months expired or something like that.  It saves me $ so that I can buy other fun things…like more food….or makeup, or something like that ;) )

Perhaps the coolest part of this store is that they make and sell their own cleaning and household items…like everything you would need: laundry detergent, dish soap, wood cleaner, toilet cleaner, all purpose cleaner- literally anything you would need.  They make it with very few (if any) chemicals,  and of course the price is right.  You can even bring back your empty bottle and refill it for a lower price.  Genius and amazing.  The detergent I bought is $6 and is 5 pounds.  Can’t beat it!


I’m brainstorming some fun ideas for the meals with the produce I bought and I’m thinking that there will definitely be a repeat of the green bean thai dish I made last week, lots of grilled corn on the cob, mushrooms and chicken, and herby roasted red potatoes.  Just so you can get a better idea of how enormous the zucchini is: it is the same size (if not a little bigger) than our newest family member.  More to come on the little guy soon!

It’s currently 78 degrees and sunny, aka the perfect picnic weather.  I’m thinking I will make some picnic food for us to head to the park for dinner tonight for a change.  Fingers crossed!   Have a groovy weekend everyone :)

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