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Friday Fitness

Posted Aug 23 2013 11:07am

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  I can pretty much guarantee that every Friday I am in a fantastic mood.  It’s the freakin’ weekend, how could you not be happy?!   So for a little extra endorphin high, I’m going to talk about what I’ve been up to in the land of fitness the past month or so.

Power and Hot Yoga

I have been practicing yoga regularly (1-3 times a week) for almost an entire year now and am beyond hooked.  It is by far my favorite form of exercise and never fails to make me feel like I’m superwoman after every session.  I have my favorite yoga teacher here in Ohio and I’ve even found my favorite hot yoga instructor for when I’m back in Iowa.   She holds her yoga studio out of her garage (which looks like a professional studio), and it’s INCREDIBLE.  I’d only tried hot yoga once before (way back in college when I wasn’t a regular yogi) and when my mom offered to take me to her class, I knew it was love at first sweat.  Because…you SWEAT.  A lot.  There’s just no comparison to how awesome you feel when it’s over.  Next time I’m back in Iowa, I will talk to her to see if she will let me do a review on her studio- maybe a little interview, some pics and what not so my readers in Iowa can check it out!?  Sounds good to me!



Family Workouts

Since I’ve been in Iowa a lot this summer, I’ve been encouraging lots of family workouts- aka: we all workout together.  We all head downstairs (my dad has a small weight room in our house) and get our sweat on!  One day I convinced my youngest brother to do this workout with me.  Don’t be fooled- it’s a killer!  I just love those girls over at Tone It Up…they always know how to keep workouts fun and exciting.



Plank Off Competitions

Remember when I talked about getting a quick workout before my cousin’s wedding in Minnesota? Well my family (except my mom,  a rockstar hairstylist, who had to work all morning doing the bridal party’s hair!) worked out together in the hotel exercise room.  Once we all finished our own workouts (I did 20 min stairmaster, 10 minutes elliptical and 10 minutes row) I challenged everyone to a plank off.  IMG_4005 I was most interested in beating my middle brother of 3, Zach, because he plays college basketball and it would bring me sweet satisfaction ;)  Muahah. He’s the one in the white t-shirt and blue shorts.

IMG_4004 At the time, we had our competition faces ON. A little over a minute into it, 2 of my brothers went down.  I teased my husband that he was getting pretty shaky, but he surprised me and held on for a lot longer than I thought he would.


Michael went down at about 3 minutes…so then it was a battle between me and Zach.  We were both DYING, though, so Zach proposed we both stop at the same time and call it even.  I wasn’t thinking clearly and said through my agony, OKAY DEAL FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DEAL.  And we both dropped to the floor at about 3:40 ish. Not bad.

HOWEVER, after seeing this picture that my dad took of us within the first 30 seconds of the competition, I spy a cheat!


I say someone is disqualified…WTF kind of form is that, Zach?  I declare myself the winner!  Alright…let’s vote.  Who do you think should win the competition?! Sound off in the comments!

Boot Camp 

I’ve been going to a lot of my gym’s cardio class/bootcamp.  I love that the weather has allowed us to be outside most of the time recently.



The classes are like death but in such a good way.  I prefer going to a class for my cardio because it pushes me so much more than doing it on my own.  But I like to lift weights by myself…not into weight lifting classes.  Although I’ve never tried body pump (it’s not offered at my gym) so I can’t count that out.

Yesterday’s cardio class was something like this:

Quick warm up jog/lap

25 leg lifts

25 V ups

(Then we split into 4 stations and 45 seconds at each station and 15 seconds of break to the get to the next. )

station 1: kettlebell thrusts

station 2: sprint up the hill

station 3: squats

station 4: burpees

We did that three times through (I ended up with the heaviest kettlebell in my group yesterday so it kicked my behind!)

Then we finished the class off with backward pedal/sprints up and down the hill, lunges and about 40 yard of jumping/hoping forward.

We’ve started to get to know the same people who go class each week and it’s starting to turn into a cheer each other on/push one another sort of class.  I’m really digging it! It’s also different workout each class, so I know my body won’t get used to doing the same thing week after week.

That’s all that I have for today.  The hubs and I are heading to a friend’s lakehouse for the weekend (squeal!) so if you want to follow what I’m doing there with pics and what not…check me out on Instagram .

P.S. Don’t forget to vote! Who REALLY won the plank off competition?

Have a great weekend!

Wait, one more thing.  I saw this awesome article floating on Facebook this morning and had to share.  For my fellow 25 year olds, this definitely worth reading!

Okay, now I’m done. Byeeeeee

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