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Friday Favorites (5/24)

Posted May 24 2013 1:01pm

TGIF!  Do have any fun plans for the long holiday weekend?  We are hosting some guests this weekend and I’m looking forward to a few days of good food, brewskies, and lots of laughs.  I haven’t done a Friday Favorites post in a while and thought I’d let you in on my current 5 faves!

1.  YouTube beauty gurus.  I’ve recently been into learning how to do my makeup better, wearing lots of lipstick, and treating my skin better.  I’ve been getting into a horrible habit of watching a couple of videos in bed on my iphone before I turn the lights off.  The hubby is really appreciating hearing, “Hey guys!” “This is my favorite eye product right now” “We’re going to use this gorgeous color on our eyes today”, etc., etc. ;) But I’m learning a ton and think it’s all in good fun. My favorite 2 youtubers to watch are:

Nicole Guerriero (her makeup tips are aweesssoommme)

& Annie Jaffrey (best all natural skincare tips I’ve found yet).

Warning: watching too many may induce makeup shopping sprees, but you didn’t hear it from me!

2. Speaking of skincare tips, I’ve been really into face masks….specifically the DIY raw honey face mask (shown in Annie’s video above).  2-3 x per week and my skin feels smooth as a babies bottom ;) If you try it, I’d love to know what you think!


3. Morning walks!  Lately I’ve been trying to wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual to get a 1 mile walk in around my neighborhood.  I love getting some fresh air first thing in the morning and it gives me so much energy for the day.  I still do my regular workouts on top of this walk, but it’s nice to slash a few extra calories in the morning (mostly to burn off all of the extra beers I’ve been having a lot of nights ;) ) IMG_2913

4. French press coffee > any other brewed coffee.  Are any words really needed?  French press coffee is so delicious first thing in the morning!  Sometimes I’ll brew an entire press, drink half of it hot that morning, and then pop it in the fridge and have it iced the next morning.  Cuts down on time and it’s still amazing the next day!


5. Spring flowers! This is the first year that we are living in a place where we have free range to plant what we want in our yard.  Aka= my first year planting flowers of any kind.  Fingers crossed that I have a green thumb?!


We went to the farmer’s market armed and ready to buy some flowers….and then realized we actually have no clue what to buy or what we were doing.  So I frantically called my mother-in-law and told her I needed her to tell how to do everything.  I mean everything! No fear, my MIL saved the day.


After 3 hours of sweat and elbow grease, I stood up and was beyond proud of planting my first little flower garden.  If the flowers go well this year, maybe next year I will finally be able to plant my own veggie garden. Any tips are welcomed! I’ve been watering them almost every morning.  They haven’t died yet so I think I’m doing it right? ha!

Hope your weekend is filled with lots of grilling, an alcoholic beverage here and there, and of course- exercise!

Xo- Alisha

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