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Friday Confessions

Posted Sep 06 2013 1:23pm

Happy Friday! This week went by pretty quick, didn’t it? Yay for short weeks.  Speaking of short weeks, here are my confessions from the past few days:

Confession #1:  I took the advice of a reader’s comment the other day and guzzled a bunch of coconut water to help me hydrate quickly during my cold.  The hub found them at our favorite discount store (they don’t expire until 2014 are were only 75 cents each!) and we bought all 10 of them :)  I’ve found that for some reason the organic coconut water tastes so much better (duh) than conventional coconut water.  I think coconut water is an acquired taste but I’m finally able to say I’m a fan now.

coconut water

Confession #2: The Hawkeyes play again tomorrow and I am way more excited for the food, beer and dressing my doggie, Herky, in his new hawkeye jersey than the actual game  ;)  Aka the cutest thing in the entire world. I completely realize that I am that person who treats their dog like their first born child. But seriously, I watch the games, but when they’re not very good it’s not that fun to watch.  Am I right or am I right?  I promise I’m not a fair weather fan- I’m still watching aren’t I?!

herky the maltipoo Confession #3: Even though the weather has been TOTALLY fall-like the past couple of days, I decided to rebel a little bit longer and resist making pumpkin muffins for these healthy zucchini banana muffins.  Click here to get the recipe and more from the incredible Monique @ Ambitious Kitchen .

zucchini banana muffins

Confession #4: But as much as I’m “rebelling”, the weather reminded me why fall is my favorite season and inspired me to open all of windows in my duplex (loveee getting fresh air in) and even break into my pumpkin candle.  I confess: I am finally really excited for fall and all of it’s things.

pumpkin candle Confession #5: I STILL haven’t finished The Book Thief that I tried so hard to finish last weekend. I only have 50 pages left and really have no reason for not finishing it this week.  Ughhhh, I blame blogging so much this week sooo I forgive myself (?).  Did you know they made a movie based off the book and it’s releasing in November!?  If that isn’t inspiration to finish the book, idk what is?

Confession #6: The only plans the hub and I have for tonight are to go to the weight room together.  I wish I were kidding.  I promise we are usually cooler than this.  Honestly, though, since the gym is usually pretty empty on Friday nights (shocker, I know), it’s kind of nice to be free of the meat heads who try to take over my space who moan and groan (gross) and talk about how sick they are of eating eggs and protein power…true story.  Oops, did I just say that? #yup. #freeyourselffromthegymmeatheadsandgotothegymonfridaynights

Why do we get “hangry”?  ……..story of my life

Are you living a B+ life?

xoxo Alisha

—> What are your weekend plans?

—-> Have you embraced fall yet?

—>Coconut water fan?

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