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Fresh Pineapple....How To Cut Into Pineapple Rings Yourself

Posted Apr 15 2010 5:00am
nothing is better than fresh pineapple When we first start buying fresh pineapple, we would have it cored at the store. It was just easier plus we had no clue as to how to properly cut a fresh pineapple without making a mess. The disadvantage to having it cored at the store was that we were losing a lot of the pineapple because the coring machine was cutting off good pineapple.

That is when we decided to buy a whole fresh pineapple and by trial and error figure out how to cut it into pineapple rings ourselves. Here are some easy steps to cutting your own fresh pineapple rings. We found that there was minimal clean up and a whole lot more pineapple to eat.

Before you start cutting Fresh Pineapple Rings, here's what you will need
  • Wood Cutting Board
  • Large Sharp Knife
  • Small Paring Knife
  • Glass covered container or Tupperware container

Steps to cutting Fresh Pineapple Rings
  1. Place fresh pineapple on its side onto wood cutting board and cut off top of pineapple cut pineapple top off first

  2. Turn around and cut off bottom end of pineapple turn and cut off bottom of pineapple

  3. Stand pineapple up and carefully slice outside husk carefully cut off outside husk

  4. Turning pineapple, continue to slice off remaining outside husk of the pineapple until all of the outside husk has been removed keep turning pineapple to cut off all outside husk

  5. Next lay pineapple on its side and slice the pineapple to the thickness you desire lay pineapple on side and slice into rings

  6. Once all the slices are cut, using your paring knife, cut circle around each core and gently pop out the core with paring knife make circle around core of each slice

    pop out pineapple core and your ready to serve

  7. Place the pineapple rings in glass covered dish or tupperware and refrigerate immediately

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