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Fresh attempt at juice

Posted Jul 23 2009 12:08am
Lunch yesterday was the weekly lunch with the BF! Yaaay. We were boring and headed back to extreme pita since it is so freaking delish! I got myself a big 'ol veggie filled pita with hummus. It was magical! I ate every last bite!

Then we hit robeks next door and I got a tasty spinach/apple/banana juice. If I intend to get into juices, I figure I better start on the sweeter side since I was definitely NOT a fan of the apple/beet/carrot juice I tried last time. This one was perfection!

My pm snack was an unpictured salad. Just grab any other post and you will have a pretty good idea of what was in my salad. I tend to eat them everyday.

I made some enchiladas on Monday night, knowing I would have no time yesterday to make any, so the BF and I were able to just come home and warm up some of these bad boys. They were so filling and amazing. I will be uploading the recipe to Deliciously Healthy later this week. I will post a reminder when I do it! You are gonna want to try these!

Then I headed off to class for the rest of the evening after a quick walk with the BF and pups. Class was full of giggles and fun, I just can't believe this is labeled as "school!"

My dessert upon returning was a glass of almond milk mixed with brown rice protein.

And a refreshing pear. Pears are the best during summer. No fruit seems as refreshing to me!!

This morning I grabbed a quick slice of ezekiel with ab, fig spread and cinnamon with a banana on the side before biking over to hit the gym.

Today was supposed to be ab day (but I was still way too sore from my workout on Monday, so I moved abs to tomorrow) but I only ended up doing lower back and calves. This allowed me some much-needed and much loved cardio time. Sometimes I just find myself really in the mood for a good sweat session. This was one of those mornings!

I'm trying to cut some of the fruit out of my recovery smoothie/shakes and see if I still like them. It turns out, I totally do! This smoothie in a bowl had1/2 frozen nana
3 handfuls spinach
1.5 scoops brown rice protein
1 packet Cranberry Ola Loa
1/2 tbsp Ground Flax
1/2 tbsp coco oil

The Ola Loa totally makes a smoothie amazing! I also am absolutely loving the way it is making feel. Lots of energy, and I find myself strangely less hungry in the hours after consuming it. I guess my body is happy with all the vitamins and minerals it gives me so it doesn't ask for them from other food sources!

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