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Freezing Blueberries and my favorite blueberry recipes

Posted Jul 11 2012 7:00pm


Freezing blueberries is one of the easiest ways to enjoy this healthy fruit and save some dollars all year-long.

Just a few steps and you can know how to freeze blueberries for all your recipes:


  1. Select blueberries at their peak in July for the sweetest berries.
  2. I HIGHLY suggest getting blueberries from a local farm.  You can use blueberries from the grocery store but remember that these berries have normally been picked several weeks ahead and carried on trucks from farther distances.  See Healthy On The Cheap – To Everything There Is A Season for more details.
  3. This is super important  – DO NOT WASH THE BLUEBERRIES!  That’s right, no mistake.  When you wash the berries it is almost impossible to get them completely dry before you freeze them.  It also starts the breakdown of enzymes which will make the fruit mushy and chewy - think frozen blueberries from your grocery store.  Once the enzymes start to deteriorate then much of the taste and nutrition is lost.

4. Pour blueberries on a lined baking sheet removing any stems or debris.  You can use a dish cloth for the liner or parchment paper.

5. Place baking sheet directly in the freezer.

  1. 6. Wait 4 hours or more until the blueberries are hardened.


7. Remove and pour directly into freezer bags.

8. Lay flat or stack in freezer.

That’s it!  Told you it was easy, peezy.


Not sure how many blueberries to get?  Here’s a list to give you some ideas:

  • 1 pint of blueberries weighs about 3/4 pound.
  • 1 pound of blueberries is about 2 2/3 cups.
  • 1 pound of blueberries will make about 3 batches of my Blueberry Scones recipe!

Now how to defrost the blueberries for later use:

1. You can defrost in the refrigerator which takes several hours OR

2. My quick version is to measure and place blueberries in glass bowl.  Pour enough warm water to cover the berries.  Blueberries will defrost in about 5 minutes.  Plus you just washed them with the cover water.

3. Drain and you are ready to eat or place in your favorite desserts.

Here’s a few recipes to use up those blueberries:

Blueberry Scones - I know I already mentioned these, but hey, just in case you missed it!

Substitute blueberries for the strawberries – voila!

Blueberry Cheesecake – just substitute blueberries for strawberries.

Blueberry yogurt  with granola – this is my go-to breakfast all summer long.

Very Berry Fruit Syrup – YES, a healthy syrup without sugar you can top on your pancakes.

So what other fruit would you like to see money-saving tips on?


Healthy On The Cheap
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