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FREEdom Eating: How to set goals and lose weight without a diet!

Posted Jan 04 2012 7:00am

How to lose weight without a diet?  It’s the “holy grail” for most women (and many men). It’s January and many will hop on board the fitness center train.  I’ve done it myself for so many years to only be let down when the weight didn’t come off fast enough or I just got too busy with life to spend that much time every other day at the gym.  I could stick with it for a few months but it was never long-term.

I have done my share of diets baby – so here’s my story on how I lost 32 lbs without a diet: The Incredible Shrinking Woman  and hope it inspires you.  So why do diets and some workout routines not work?  I’ve realized it’s about lifestyle not a quick fix.  When you’re on a diet there is always this little thought in the back of your mind – this isn’t forever.  It’s like going to jail, so to speak, with the thought that after a few months you get parole and can go right back to what you were doing before because the weight is down and you don’t have to starve yourself on some strange fad of sticks and twigs. But everything I have read about people who lose weight and keep it off has to do with a lifestyle change – not a trendy diet or temporary exercise routine.

Saw this great quote recently and thought it fit well: “Life doesn’t come with a remote.  You have to get up and change it yourself”.  So how do we change it and where do we start?  Well, always start at the beginning: FREEdom Eating and Where to Start  is a great jumping off point.  It will show you the basics, how to get started and a week’s worth of sample menus to help you out.  You can also view all of the other tips and ideas at .  This is all I did to lose the weight, without even trying.  What FREEdom there was in that.  Something I can finally live with long term and enjoy – no more sticks and twigs!

I also had to give a shout out to the ladies over at who have come up with some fantastic ideas on setting goals and how to attain them.  I really hate reinventing the wheel and love giving kudos to those who already are doing something well.   Here is my favorite from their site:

10 Tips for Setting Reasonable Goals:

  1. Express your goal positively: I will accomplish “x” by “this date.”
  2. Be precise – set SMART goals.
  3. Set priorities – tackle goals in order of importance.
  4. Write your goals down.
  5. Find someone to keep you accountable.
  6. Keep your operational goals small – break bigger goals into smaller steps.
  7. Set performance goals, not outcome goals - there are things beyond your control. Set goals that you can control: I will run in a 5K on March 10th versus I will come in first place at a 5K on March 10th.
  8. Set realistic goals - making one goal reality will give you the success you need to work on the next goal on your list.
  9. Keep the big picture in mind.
  10. Be flexible – be willing to alter your intended goals if necessary.

So go get’em girls and don’t be afraid to change that channel!  Stay tuned for lots of tips, recipes and giveaways in the coming days and weeks.  Let me hear your goals and we’ll keep accountable to each other.


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