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Four Insanely Easy DIY Project Ideas for the Weekend Warrior in Us All

Posted Feb 27 2014 7:00am

file0001515266432  So you’ve got a free weekend coming up—proof that miracles do occur. So what are you going to do with it? Relax? Spend time with the kids? Catch up on that book by your nightstand? Or are you going to attempt something that millions of your fellow weekend warriors try? That’s right– a free weekend often means free time for DIY projects. Here a few insanely easy choices that nearly everyone can do- and if you con– umm I mean convince your family to help it can be a great bonding experience.

Project Idea #1: Personalized Sharpie Mug

Want a mug to tell the world exactly what you’re like before that morning coffee? Simply take a Sharpie or other permanent marker, a ceramic or porcelain mug and go to town with your artistic ability. Then pre-heat the oven and “bake” your new masterpiece for 30 minutes at 350 degrees F to “set”  your artwork. Just be sure to remove them carefully and allow the mugs to completely cool before using them!

Project Idea # 2: Make a Homemade Night Lantern

Want to see a small child’s face light up with delight? Try this neat idea. All you need is glitter, a mason jar with a tight sealing lid, a pair of scissors and a glow stick. Open up the jar and pour some glitter into it. Then carefully cut open the glow stick and pour the contents in as well. Seal the jar with the lid and shake. Enjoy the new night lantern and the smiles that it creates.

Project # 3: Coffee Bean Candles file0001364299685

Love the smell of fresh roasted coffee? Then go down to your local discount dollar store and pick up some small bowls and tea lights, and stop at the local grocery store and get a bag of your favorite coffee bean. Then it’s just a matter of one—fill the small bowls half way full with coffee beans, two—nestle one of the tea lights into the center so that the sides and bottom are surrounded by coffee beans, and three– light and enjoy the aroma that comes your way.

Project # 4: Bring in a Liter of Light

This is an idea that shows you how the necessity is the mother of invention. This enterprising man took garbage (in this case a clear plastic bottle), sunlight, a little bit of bleach, and a hole in a families ceiling to give them light when electricity wasn’t an option. Truly inspiring on so many levels. Here’s a link to the charity that grew out of this man’s inspiration as well as a video that shows this remarkable DIY idea in action

What other simple and fun DIY projects can you think of?


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