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For Women's Eyes Only

Posted by C.L. R.

What do the women eat when those cravings happen around that time of the month? It's easy to slip into a salty and chocolate nightmare - has anyone found a good solution?
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I like to try to curb it by just sticking to granola bars (chocolate covered and recommended to me by my dietitian.) Not nearly as many calories as a chocolate bar, but tasty! There are many flavours in grocery stores and not overly expensive brands to choose from. Other than that, I don't know HOW to control myself!! Chocolate frozen yogurt perhaps? That's another one we like to indulge in, rather than chocolate ice cream.
I first want to say I am NOT a nutrition expert. My ideas are not low fat, but nutritious. Trader Joe's has some great mixes of nuts with dried fruits, and I throw in some dark or semi-sweet chocolate chips. I also dipped TJ's honey whole wheat pretzels into melted dark chocolate. Also apple slices dipped in peanut butter and dark chocolate. Moderation is the key here as these are not low-cal/low-fat, but better than chocolate covered pound cake with a side of potato chips. I usually substitute a meal for these snacks as they are heavy, but get me through the cravings.
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