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Football, Pistachios and Lower Cholesterol

Posted by Nikki F.

This football season, ditch the chips and crack open some pistachios. Turns out a handful or two of these green, salty, flavorful morsels of goodness lower your cholesterol. Penn State revealed this fun find along with a bundle of “Pistachio Heart Health recipes” which, from Pistachio Crunch Muffins to Pistachio Pesto, satisfyingly keep your “bad” LDL cholesterol levels in check.

Worried that despite the promise of low cholesterol you’ll still get fat? Don’t. A new study on almonds published in the September issue of the British Journal of Nutrition shows that people who eat a handful or two (344 calories worth to be exact) of delightful almonds gained vitamin E and magnesium, but not weight! For various nutty reasons participants in the study only took in 77 extra calories, many of which were burnt off by almond eaters’ ability to burn more calories during rest. If you’re still weary and don’t think the fabulous fat-immune properties of almonds transfer to pistachios, don’t fret, just stick with almonds--they lower your LDL too.

Two nuts, delicious recipes and a healthy heart. Touchdown.

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Thanks for this post. I am interested in natural ways to lower the 'bad' cholesterol levels. Are there any other nuts that are good for cholesterol?
Thanks for the recipe link. I really enjoy pistachios and am glad to have more ways to incorporate them into my diet.
...I just wish they weren't so freakin' expensive. These health experts wonder why people dive into chips and stuff but a huge bag of chips is a lot cheaper than a bag of quality nuts. So why on earth do nuts cost so much more than other types of snacks?
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