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Foods That Cause You to Lose Weight The Negative Calorie Effect

Posted Dec 02 2010 3:31pm

Foods That Cause You to Lose Weight The Negative Calorie Effect

Did you know that certain foods have an incredible negative calorie effect that actually melts fat? This revolutionary approach, outlined by Neal Barnard M.D., and proven effective by thousands of men and women wh have tried it, can bring about the permanent weight control every diet promises but seldom delivers.

Find out how, by following the negative calorie plan, you can:

4 Stars Easy-to-follow for successful weight loss.
This is really a beginner’s guide to becoming a vegan, but it is healthy eating, too. I felt so much better after following the suggestions in this book for a month, and I lost 5 pounds with hardly any effort at all, which at my age (56) is substantial and healthy weight loss. I was never hungry, and I didn’t miss eating meat or dairy after the first week.

5 Stars Easy to Understand!!!!!
Easy to read and understand…the writer truly understands his audience. Makes it easier to change your lifestyle. The best part is the menu chapter…you’ll love it because it is also a “how to” book. Love it!!!!!

2 Stars Foods for Weight loss
After reading this book, I think the doctor is suggesting that everyone become a vegetarian. There are no magic foods that cause you to loose weight and this book suggests that if you want to loose weight you should stop eating all meats and just eat the vegetables that he suggests. Everyone already knows what causes overweight and throughout the entire book he emphasizes everyone to go vegan.

2 Stars This book is a Fat Vegetarians Dream but sucks for us Meat Eaters.
I am sure Dr. Neal Barnard Md. is a very nice person and really wants to help someone. But his book comes across as someone on a crusade for vegetarianism. In the example he tells of how great an all vegi life is and how screwed up and terrible your life is as a meat eater. And then his examples for the meat eaters is always the same… “Joe Blow hated the diet… but after starting it he quit his evil ways and lost 50 lbs over 50 weeks.” (I’m paraphrasing… that is not a real example). That’s crap! Anyone can lose a pound a week by just waling for 20 minutes to an hour more every day. Maybe even more than a pound a week if they walked the whole hour.

The very best part of this book is on page 21 “The 20 foods you can eat in virtually unlimited portions” that works for everyone… but any google search for “Negative Calorie Food” will give you an ever greater list without all the hype about how evil meat is.

I really wanted to believe in this book… I would have even recommended it if the Good Dr. had said… “Hey… if you eat meat… eat this way for 4 days, take 2 days to eat healthy meals with meat, and then do the 4 days on, 2 days off… for the rest of your life.” and I think anyone who understands the bodies ability to adapt will understand why that would work.

But Dr. Neal is on such a crusade he can’t even see outside his garden patch.

I give this book 2 stars because the science is sound, the idea will work… but the rhetoric is so off putting I can’t even recommend this to my friends.

4 Stars Can’t Throw all the food out.

The principal of this book and the recipes are very good. Although I haven’t totally finished reading the book they look interesting.However,the good doctor must be making to much money and thinks that everyone is the same as him rolling in dollars.

He suggests in this book to through all your fat producing foods out, which theoretically makes sense to get rid of any fat producing food. However, if you are like my wife and myself you can’t afford to do that. We have between $2000.00 and $3000.00 worth of regular roasts, prime rib roast which I know there are 5 of left, plus lobster, king crab etc. in the freezer. The food banks will not take it and we are not wasting it. However, we will leave it alone for three weeks, try some of his recipes and see if we like it and if it makes any difference. We may not be able to do his diet. If we don’t like it we won’t do it.Tried some soy milk last night it awful, can’t drink it. So if we had thrown out all our food and milk it would have been a big waste.

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