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Foods For Your Thyroid Gland

Posted Jul 06 2009 10:53am
  Your thyroid gland is located at the bottom of your throat. It is responsible for secreting  two important  hormones : triiodothyronine, (T3) and thyroxin (T4).

    The quantity of these two hormones dictates many body functions, including how energy is produced.  You need a good nutrition plan and good thyroid foods to support thyroid function.
    One of the first symptoms people will notice when they suffer from low thyroid functions (hypothyroidism) is the difficulty  to lose the extra  pounds, even with diet and exercise.
      The difficulty to loose weight is explained by the link between the thyroid gland and insulin production. The appropriate diet for people with a thyroid disease  is a diet that will control the right amount of insulin production so you can stop storing those calories and finally start loosing the weight.

       To control your insulin production when you have a slow thyroid gland, you need a specific diet plan.

Feed your thyroid

Iodine: the number one food for you thyroid gland. Good sources of iodine is found in seafood.

Low glycemic foods: foods that won’t trigger the insulin

Protein: lean protein such as fish and chicken

Fiber: high fiber foods will slow down digestion and control insulin production

Vitamin and minerals: a good vitamin supplement is recommended

Stay away from:

Refined sugar: white flour and white sugar are very common in our foods, but they have no nutrition value are empty calories

Fats and oils: fats and oil used in commercially prepared foods. Watch out polyunsaturated oils
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