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Foodlike Substance: Chicken Paste

Posted Feb 11 2013 3:55pm

Mechanically Separated Chicken

Image from Fooducate

Want to take a guess as to what the pink paste is?

It is mechanically separated chicken. And this is the stuff they use to make fried chicken nuggets in fast food chains.


A picture is worth a thousand word. So instead of me rambling on and on again why we need to stay away from fast food and how awful it is for us, you now have this chicken paste image forever imprinted into your mind.

Depending on how the image has made an impact to you, I suggest taking at least one of the following steps:

1. find out more details about this at Fooducate .

2. share this image with people you know who is addicted to chicken nuggets or other processed meats and so they know and then let them choose if they want to continue.

3. Take a personal pledge to never again feed yourself or your loved ones with food made from this pink paste. There are many quick meal ideas out there – check out Half Hour Meals for homemade meals made in less than 30 minutes, or Cooking Light for quick and healthy meals.

4. Do all of the above (and do them now!)

So which action do you choose to take? I choose Option 4.

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