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Food & Wine!

Posted Jun 10 2009 6:43pm
It has been quite the fun and busy weekend so far! There was tons of fun, fun, fun to be had! But, lets quickly rewind to friday night. I found myself a little bit hungry before bed and after yoga, so I had this delicious bar.

This one is banana bread flavored, and while I think I like the flax bar flavor better, it was still quite tasty.

Saturday morning I woke up for a nice long run. I went out for about 45 mins, and while I didn't measure the distance or anything, I probably ran about 5ish miles. It was a wonderful relaxing run by the beach. I love living in San Diego :) When I came home I had a lovely breakfast slushie with tons and tons of kale, half a nana, a few frozen mango chunks, some frozen papaya, a spoonful of 0% greek yogurt, a spoonful of ground flax, a scoop of vanilla protein. I thought I'd show it all mixed together today.

After breakfast, we made the drive to Orange County to hit up Disney's Food and Wine Festival. Once I got there, I snacked on a bit of granola with some nuts, dried cranberries and raisins.

I also had this lovely juicy pear.

The first event at the Food and Wine Festival we hit was a Wine Seminar! Got a few generous tastes of wine. Here we have Kendal Jackson Vineyards Chardonnay, Syrah, and Riesling. All incredibly delicious, however I've never been a huge Syrah fan so the BF finished that one off for me.

They gave us this absolutely fantastic magnet that gives a pairing guide for all the different wine types.

Up next we had some lunch at the Pacific Warf. They have sourdough bread bowls with awesome soups. I got the veggie chili. I actually like the bread bowls since it causes them to give a smaller portion of soup. I eat all the soup and leave the bowl alone (well I did have one absolutely heavenly bite of sourdough) and the BF ends up eating some of it.

My friend Bryan joined us for the festival, look how much fun he is having!

Next we have the Boudin Bakery food demo. Look at the excitement!!

As we were waiting we goofed around a bit.

They taught us how to make a couple delicious appetizers with their tasty bread. My fav was the pear with gorganzola cheese. I had one delish bite of each then sent it over to the BF. He loved it.

Afterward, we had a celebrity chef demo and we got these lovely desserts. I will admit I ate all of this plate!

I didn't get much of my usual raw food today, so I had an unpictured hard boiled egg white and this goraw bar. I have to admit, I didn't really like this flavor. I probably won't be having this one again.

Then we had one more wine seminar. Here we have Edna Valley Vineyards Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet. I was such a happy blogger!!! Pinot is my fav wine ever. I had that whole glass, but I only had a few sips of the other two glasses and gave the rest to the BF. Mmmmm.

After Disney, we headed over to Irvine to hit the YardHouse for dinner. They have the most beer you have ever seen of any restaurant! They also give you a little taste size for 1-2 dollars if you so desire. I got a lovely taste of the Chocolate Stout. So delish!

Dinner for me was grilled mahi mahi with three sauces. I didn't partake in the middle sauce since it was a butter sauce :(. I had lots of the mango papaya salsa and a little bit of the pesto sauce. I got two orders of veggies to replace the rice it usually comes with.

The BF got this monstrosity (and finished off my plate when I didn't eat all of it). This is a steak sandwich complete with a ton of sweet potato fries.

The BF loves the yardhouse since he is a big beer lover!

Dessert was froyo! My favorite!! I swear there is a little bit of yogurt under all the fruit and almond slices there.

This morning I woke up surprisingly unbothered by the sheer amount of alcohol consumed yesterday. I went for an hour long run and came home to a very berry breakfast slushie. I can always tell which fruit I use based on the final color. Today it was lots and lots of kale, frozen mango chunks, frozen papaya chunks, a few frozen berries, half a nana, a spoonful of 0% greek yogurt, a spoonful of ground flax, a scoop of banana flavored protein, a bit of
granolaand a few dried cranberries.

I spent most of yesterday not really eating very raw and I really noticed a different in the way my body worked. I still ate pretty healthy overall, but my digestion was a bit off and I felt more heavy and weighed down by my food. It is the difference between a car with a really old engine and a brand new well oiled perfectly run engine. I am so glad to be back to being able to eat more raw today, my body definiely prefers it!
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