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Food Storage

Posted May 29 2008 1:03pm

img_1808.jpgEvery home needs food storage. Disaster, hurricane, job loss, truckers going on strike, too lazy to get to the grocery store, whatever, you don’t want your little ones to starve. But I want to use the food I store too. The Provident Living website has a calculator that we plugged in 5 people for 6 months… and found we need 750 lbs of grains (Wheat, flour, oats, rice, pasta), and 150 lbs of beans. As I’ve said before, I want to start cooking more with beans anyway. So we went out and got 450 lbs of wheat. And upon Autumns suggestion, everyone needs their food storage to also look “Cute”. So I got up this morning and made some cute labels for my buckets. They are topped with the cool Gamma Seal lids for easy access.

I know you are asking yourselves, “Amy, you health nut. Why the 50 lb bucket of sugar.” I would say to you, “We are not, nor ever will be a no sugar family. We are a low sugar family. I think it’s wise to teach the kids moderation in the real world. To eliminate something like sugar altogether I believe sends the wrong idea about food. Let’s learn to live with sugar, not go overboard, but be responsible.


And PS, the 10 buckets of wheat is actually under our house in our crawl space, if anyone is looking for it after we die and you need some wheat.

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