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Food labels

Posted by Tamar F.

According to Prepared Foods magazine, the FDA is trying to get its act together when it comes to diet food labeling. Heath claims on food labels will be evaluated scientifically. Also, reinforcing a previous position it has had, letting manufacturers know that they may not use the term “sugar-free” unless the food is also low-calorie or calories reduced. Otherwise, the label must conspicuously warn the consumer that the product is not “low calorie”, “reduced calorie” or for “weight control”. Also, the print can’t be in tiny font anymore and it has to be in the same size as the other claims.

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I've heard about that. Reading labels can be pretty confusing, especially when a product is promoting 25% less fat and not really stressing the total caloric value, which often equates to more or less, the same value as competiting brands. Here is an article I found that elaborates on the calorie confusion of reading labels, that others can relate to:

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