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Food Journals, Mugs, Mouse Pads, Refrigerator Magnets & Tote Bags to Gently Remind You to be Sweet to Yourself

Posted Mar 17 2010 12:00am

MUG Did you know that you can visit my Sugar Shock store , you can purchase some Hot, Hip, Humorous SUGAR SHOCK!-themed products , which can gently serve as a reminder for you to eat healthy foods, steer clear of sugary junk and take good care of yourself?

For instance, you can get a  nice-sized mug such as this one to your left. You could smile sweetly to yourself each time you drink herbal teas or water. After all, you wouldn't dare select a health-harming sugary beverage to drink out of your Sugar Shock mug, would you? Of course not! You know better, right?

Mouse pad In the Sugar Shock Shop , you also can get a mouse pad  to place near your so that you're sweetly nudged to be good to yourself. It's always fun to have inspiring mouse pads, isn't it? (Well, that's been my experience.) 

Another product, which can motivate you regularly is a food  journal  or feelings journal. In this handy, 5"-x-8", on-the-go-size notebook -- which can easily fit in your handbag or backpack -- you can use it for two purposes.

First, you can jot down whatever you eat and drink. Secondly, you can take a look at your thoughts, feelings and desires every time you wish to turn to sweets and refined carbs. In other words, you can use your food diary to keep you from doing damage to yourself.

Journal Writing things down has huge power and effectiveness. In fact, did you know that research shows that when you keep a food diary, you can double your weight loss ?

You can choose from 3 journals in m y Stop Sugar Shock Shop . The one featured to your left is decorated with a fun "That Was Then, This Is Now" image featuring yours truly.

This playful, self-mocking design on the front of your journal portrays -- albeit in an exaggereated cartoon -- the horrible transformation that can occur when you eat too many sugary foods.

On the top image, you'll see the sad but silly "That Was Then" image featuring Connie, the "Ex Sugar Shrew," who after eating sweets, turns into a witch with a tail, horns, pitchfork and straight hair. (FYI, my hair is naturally curly, and this seemed like a fun twist to make my hair become stringy and lifeless.)

Then, in the bottom image, you'll find an uplifting "This Is Now" image that reveals a cheerful happy Connie who finds life so much sweeter these CAP days. So I invite you to lose weight and tap into your feelings by getting a useful journal now .

In my Stop Sugar Shock Shop , you also can purchase numerous Hot, Hip, Humorous SUGAR SHOCK!-themed products  such as messenger bags or tote bags, throw pillows, keepsake boxes, magnets, stickers, buttons, calendars, framed tiles, baby bibs, aprons, teddy bears and license plate frames.

Many find that the most practical products are the tote bags and caps. They also find magnets useful, because you can put them on your  refrigerator to gently nudge you to refrain from indulging in potentially health-hearming sugar-filled foods. As for me, I tend to favor the practical journals Magnet and tote bags. 

In addition, you can get Inspiring Wearables , including a variety of T-shirts, caps, tank tops and jerseys for adults, kids and even dogs.

Make plans now to get inspired daily with your choice of Hot, Hip, Humorous Products and/or Inspiring Wearables .

Golf Shirt Please share  here how having one or more of these items has inspired you.

Meanwhile, in the Sugar Shock Shop , you also can choose from a variety of health and wellness books that I've personally selected.

What's more, you also can visit the Food & Supplements section of my store, where you can learn about Vital Choice , which offers wild Alaskan salmon, a pure, rich source of essential omega-3 fatty acids (EFAs), which are indispensable for optimum brain and neurological system function.

Salmon - Sockeye.Pesto.Plate.385x218 Seafood from Vital Choice is natural, sustainably harvested, and tested regularly to make sure they’re free of harmful contaminants such as mercury. Three kinds of salmon are available, as are tuna, halibut, and organic berries. Vital Choice is endorsed by many environmental organizations, as well as such renowned health and wellness experts as Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, and Dr. Christiane Northrup. 

Would you like to sell your own T-shirts, caps, buttons, mugs, refrigerator magnets, tote bags and other products decorated with your special design?

To learn how to make your own personalized gifts, just open a shop at CafePress . Please make sure that when you sign up, you say that Connie of the Stop Sugar Shock store referred you. (Please remember to mention the word "Stop" because otherwise, someone else will get credit. Someone beat me to the nabbing the Sugar Shock name!)

After you se t up up your own CafePress store , please let me know. I'd love to see what they look like.

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