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Food for Your Whole Life Conference: Day 1

Posted Jun 06 2010 8:34pm

Food for Your Whole Life It’s official folks, the Food for Your Whole Life health symposium has commenced and the Boston foodie bloggers are here in NYC taking in all of the kick-off festivities! The running theme of the symposium is using the power of food to prevent disease and support the body throughout the development and aging processes, a powerful topic to someone like me who’s career revolves around the belief that food should be our only medicine (thanks to  Hippocrates ).  According to Dennis Balint, CEO of the California Walnut Commission, the conference was developed in an effort to help reverse the ongoing demise of America’s health, including information for both lay-people and health professionals alike.

Monday’s events were open to the general public, health professionals, and the media, Wild Blueberries and included treats, goodies, and fun booths from the Wild Blueberry Association of North America , USA Pears , and the California Walnut Commission , among others. Dr. Mehmet Oz , of the Dr. Oz Show , kicked off the symposium as the keynote speaker, where he spoke on motivating people towards better health by making it personal to them. As he said, “if you play the game correctly, you can make not so fun health topics resonate deep within a person.”

YOU: On a DietFollowing Dr. Oz was Dr. Michael Roizen , chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic and co-author along with Dr. Oz of a series of highly popular and #1 New York Times bestselling books, including YOU: The Smart Patient, YOU: The Owner’s Manual, and YOU: On a Diet. Dr. Roizen frequently appears on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The TODAY Show, and Good Morning America as a health and wellness expert.

Dr. Roizen, followed up Dr. Oz’s opening speech by bringing the name of the conference to life with his talk on “Food for Your Whole Life.

Side Note: Dr. Roizen is 64 and looks absolutely fabulous! A testament to the fact that prevention via health and nutrition not only helps you live longer, but look fabulous as well! 

Roizen began his talk by showing a clip from a past Dr. Oz episode detailing a “meat-lovin’ cowboy’s” 28-day vegan diet challenge. Rocco was 53 years old with a blood sugar of 172 (diagnostic of being diabetic), a waist circumference of 49 inches, and a weight of 269 lbs. He was in the 97th percentile in terms of heart disease and plaque build-up – he had the heart of an 85 yr old! Dr. Roizen brought comedy to Rocco’s quest to improve his diet and health as “The Enforcer,” helping our “meat lovin’ cowboy” get back on track! Rocco rocked the vegan diet and boy did it pay off. He not only reversed his diabetes, hypertension, and osteoarthritis, but by the end of the 28 days, his arteries looked more like those of a 60 year old’s!

Dr. Roizen used Rocco’s story as a chance to show the audience that with small changes, big health impacts can be made. Rocco may have had the genes that predisposed him to his disease states, but he had control over what genes were expressed through his food and exercise choices.Food for Your Whole Life Conference

For a recap on the rest of Monday’s speakers, check out my fellow media bloggers’ posts as they become available:

Today is day 2 of the symposium, and I’m already daydreaming about all of the exciting speakers we are going to get to hear!  For live symposium updates, follow me on Twitter at @NutritionTalk , or stay tuned here for the recap!

Happy Snacking,


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