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Food for Thought: Only 10% of plants have ever been studied for health and medicinal purposes.

Posted Aug 02 2012 4:16pm

In my recent research on my new superfood Gac (a.k.a. Fak Khaao), I learned that there are an estimated that 250,000 to 300,000 species of flowering plants, and regrettably, only about 10% of them have been investigated for commercial or medicinal potential.

My classic historic example is the dreaded Scurvy disease that plagued sailors in centuries past. In 1535, The French Explorer Jaques Cartier's ship was stranded in the St Lawrence River in winter and his men began to die from Scurvy. A friendly Native American healed them by simply preparing a tea made from tree bark and needles from the White Pine Tree.

Cartier wrote to the admiralty about the experience and was ridiculed for participating in magic and witchcraft. It wasn't until 1932, a full 400 years later, that scurvy was officially recognized as vitamin C deficiency , although after millions of lives were estimated to be lost, in spite of the cure having already been discovered and written down.

In the 1700's, British sailors noticed that citrus fruits reversed Scurvy but they didn't know why, and they eventually stored, whenever possible,  vitamin C rich citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges and limes on the ships. Hence came the name "Limeys" for the British.

Anyhoo, enough history.  It never fails to boggle my mind the energy that "Money Driven Medicine" and big business puts into synthetic medicine, the result of which is only to treat symptoms. It boggles my mind further that many of the ailments that plague us have natural cures known by a few, but are scoffed at and ridiculed by big business and the medical industry.

I learned  never to "rant and rave" without bringing something positive to the table.

As I learned from having my Gac shipped from halfway around the world and the amazing health and nutrition potential of Gac fruit that is virtually unknown in the West, each of us can take our own initiative to at least look into a few of those 10% that have been studied and researched, and perhaps bring one or two into our daily regiment. My daily smoothies evolved to contain many of my favorite natural foods that I easily get into my diet everyday. Let's not wait for the Medical Industry and big business, who have their own financial agendas, to work in our best interest. We must seek out and find our own health and well being.

~stay healthy~

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