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Food for Thought: Are we “Going for the Gold” in our lives?

Posted Aug 13 2012 12:44am

Just some parting "Food for Thought" on the last day of the Olympics.

I got so much inspiration from the games this year,  From Allyson Felix finally getting her gold, to Gabby Douglas making us all feel a little more innocent again , to the double amputee from South Africa  Oscar Pistorius, to Tahmina Kohistani, the female runner from Afghanistan, the first woman to compete from her country, although finishing 100 meter dash a full 4 seconds slower than everyone else, but she showed me what heart and soul and determination is all about.

I think I was most moved my Felix Sanchez in the photo at the left, who broke down on the podium after winning the gold in the 400 meters race, he was remembering his grandmother who raised him, but died recently.

The question becomes,  in life, we all have a personal "gold medal" or "championship" that we are going after, are we putting our heart and soul and every fiber of our being into making it happen? Are we using every ounce of precious God given energy to stand on our own podium of personal achievement and victory?

I thought about it really hard for myself when talking to my best friend since college. Basically, we both are computer IT people making six figure incomes, we are very blessed, he has a family and thus works all year round, but I don't necessarily have to work except whenever I feel like it, since I don't spend much cash or hang out much, and I just save all my dough, and I earn very good cash from my other skill and passion which is investing and day trading at home.

Anyhoo, Nike Corporation here in Portland Oregon called me the other day and offered me a contract gig in my computer field and I told them, "uh…..well…..I'll think about it". Talking to my best friend, he made the interesting quote, "You know you won't be at Nike forever, but with what they wanna pay you, you can pay off all your debt in the next six months. That's the kind of attitude you wanna have if you're gonna go for THE GOLD". That tipped the scale and I called Nike back and said…."okay, I'm in".

It all clicked at that point. Life is like the Olympics or any championship series. The winner is the one who uses EVERYTHING she or he has at his or her disposal to make your own "gold metal" come into reality. Although I put a lot into my endeavors, when I was watching the Olympics, it seems like races are decided my milliseconds and the length of a fingernail. You wonder if the one who wins is the one who pumped a little more iron, or stayed a little later at the swimming pool than the silver medalist.

So now, although I am always easily self motivated, after much additional inspiration from Olympic athletes, as well as personal friends, I am all geared up and ready to go for my own gold. For me, EVERYTHING I DO WILL FROM HERE ON OUT WILL BE FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF ACHIEVING MY OWN PERSONAL GOLD!!!! The other meaningless stuff will be thrown straight in the trash!!!! If you read enough of my blog, you know what "my Gold" is.  How and where I want to live my life, be free, have an impact on others with health and wellness, to show how getting older can actually mean getting younger with the right knowledge, helping young people harness the power of their own intellect, I still wanna be a little league baseball coach :) , and probably a half dozen other things that the "Way of Heaven" (the Tao, a.k.a. The Zen) has not revealed to me yet, perhaps the Tao is waiting to see if I am willing to put all my God given energies, not just the current 97%, though admirable,  into going for the Gold.

So I would just nudge everyone to ask oneself, "What is My Gold?", is it to get healthy, or open a restaurant, or helping young people, or just raising a happy healthy family, we are all wired with divine capabilities to achieve whatever set our hearts and minds to. Each endeavor is important and they all work together to make the world a better place.  I can literally feel the universe around me moving on my behalf to make my goals, and "My Gold" become a reality. Everything I speak for myself eventually becomes a reality.

…..mark my words, I will be standing on that podium wearing my Gold !!!!!!

~stay healthy~

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