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Food for Thought: “Dolce far Niente” (Italian for “The Sweetness of Doing Nothing”)…..

Posted Jun 29 2013 5:26pm

….is a phrase I caught from that movie with Julia Roberts, "Eat Pray Love"

I'm your typical guy, football and war movies is the norm, but I live in Seattle and work in Portland Oregon, where I am now, and can be down here at a hotel for weeks at a time. In cases like this, you watch whatever is on the TV, and the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" was on last night…..I said "What the heck? Julia is a cutie, let's watch".

Here in Portland Oregon, its a Friday, 83 degrees, perfect evening, but I just don't feel like hitting the bars and sitting around all night with my "fake smooth" Machismo pose at a bar. Had a date with a girl down here a few weeks ago, and in one word, I would call it, "uninspiring".

So tonight, I'm gonna do the ultimate "Dolce far Niente" within a "Dolce far Niente": gonna do nothing, drink a couple of Italian Peroni Beers, try a new recipe, look through some cool images of beautiful women (technically the same thing I do at a bar, only now on my terms :) ), and write an article on "Dolce far Niente"…………

I found it interesting when I googled the words "Dolce far Niente" to confirm the meaning and spelling, there were many blogs giving instructions in how to do it, or achieve it or whatever…you know, turn of the TV, meditate, take a walk, put down the cell phone……and so on.

I will present no such instructions for practicing"Dolce far Niente", it is what it is to you, your own "do nothing style"

Don't expect a lot of words in this post, this post is just a few random thoughts and pictures that came to me as I practice my own unique "Dolce far Niente"……………….

"I will sing the young man's song, that you will sing on Remembrance Day, I will be the sacrifice, bells will ring on Remembrance Day"

–Stuart Adamson (lead singer of the band 'Big Country', from the song 'Remembrance Day')

"I'm not expecting to grow flowers in the desert, but I can live, and breathe, and see the sun in wintertime"

–Stuart Adamson (lead singer of the Band 'Big Country', from the song 'In a Big Country')

(From the Eat, Pray, Love movie)

"People are so afraid of being alone, they settle for living with someone in misery………people are afraid of ruin, but ruin can be the road to transformation……..and in life, there are endless waves of transformation"

"You who un-united to yourself roam about the world, seeking some person or some thing to be united. Seeking to ease away that pain in your heart. Deceive not yourself……." 

–Edward Carpenter (poet), from the book "Towards Democracy"

"It just came to me, in the four years since I left Chicago, after I got laid off, the further and longer I went away from home, the closer I got to the 'home' within myself" 

–Doug (me, the blogwriter)

(From the Eat, Pray, Love Movie, about the word "Tutti", which means "Everybody")

"When you set out in the world to help yourself, sometimes you end up helping 'Tutti' ".

"You have to be a light onto yourself. Not a light onto this teacher or that philosopher, or onto Jesus, or onto Buddha, or Muhammad. You have to be a light onto yourself….in a world that has become utterly dark"

-Jiddu Krishnamurti , a philosopher

"Sail Forth. Steer for the deep waters only. Reckless O soul, exploring. I with thee and thou with me. For we are bound where mariner has not yet dared go. And we will risk the ship, ourselves, and all"

–Walt Whitman

"Before we know the trust it takes to walk up to that edge, we build a house of cards, with a wind that's always blowing, we built our little garden on a bed of sand and stone" 

–Stuart Adamson (lead singer of the band 'Big Country', from the song 'I'm not Ashamed of the Things I've Done')

"I think the real fear by many people of practicing "Dolce far Niente", is that our thought process  from childhood is shaped by external forces, and we are thus dependent on that "external shaping" as we become adults.

When the day comes where one has to sit and look within, with very little external influence, that can be somewhat terrifying….that is, to see the void within ourselves"

–Doug (me, the blogwriter)

"I have found two great things that I can say about myself………

One is that I love the me that is me. The second is that it is a great thing to be a youthful fifty and feel you have your whole life ahead of you and all that you want to accomplish and experience is still possible….like your life is still on the ascent" 

–Doug (me, the blogwriter)

"We all have to be strong and fearless in this crazy world, but what has always amazed me is how difficult it is for some people to be courteous and kind in relationships, especially when the other person is being kind to them.

But now I see why that is, in that it takes a lot of strength and fearlessness to be truly kind"

–Doug (me, the blogwriter)

from the Bible (I interpret this verse to be talking about relationships)

"Unless the lord builds the house, he that builds it labors in vain"  –Psalm 127:1

"Did we ever have it good? While we lived in El Dorado did we find the gold we should? If it really was the truth, why are faces filled with anger that should only shine with youth?

–Stuart Adamson (lead singer of the band 'Big Country', from the song 'Just a Shadow')

"To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders" –Lao Tze

"Stop looking at what's behind you, fame and love is gonna find you, we're just here to remind you, Yearn and Learn is what you do" 

– from the band "Earth Wind and Fire" ( from the song "Yearn and Learn")

So that is it. Like I said, I am practicing "Dolce far Niente" tonight, and although in years past I was afraid of it, I really love it in a sense of I am truly coming in tune with myself.

Like Julia in "Eat, Pray, Love", sometimes you are literally thrown out here into the world, I suppose because divine energy has to get you away from your old self (and all its trappings), to find your new self. And I was lucky, the art of "Dolce far Niente" came to me, I didn't try to find or master it.

………now, I am only afraid of if I were not allowed to practice it



~stay healthy~


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