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Food Finds: Egg White Rounds, Rye Crackers, & Hummus

Posted Sep 24 2012 8:31pm

So, I was being a little lazy when it comes to some food prep this week. And that is why I ended up with these pre-cooked frozen egg white rounds.

The ingredients are natural: just egg white and some salt. They are great and super easy for the morning. Just put one of top of a slice of bread (I used Ezekiel here), and put in the toaster oven for a few minutes. The only negative is the higher price.

Doesn’t look so pretty, but I was in a hurry in the morning!

Next, I bought two different types of whole grain rye crackers. I saw these when I was on my Baltic cruise, and got them on the airplane over there and on the way back. I figured they must be healthy because all the people in the Baltic seemed pretty healthy, right?

I highly recommend both of these crackers. They are very flat and thin, so you can eat about 2 or 3 long crackers for 50 calories. They are made with very simple, natural, whole grain ingredients. The main ingredient is whole rye flour. Rye is excellent because it retains it nutrients very well, and contains a large amount of fiber–can promote bowel regularity as well.

These particular crackers are traditional to Norway and Finland. On to the next cracker alternative: kale chips!

I am not a big fan of pre-made packaged kale chips because they are expensive, and they can get to be higher calorie than what you can make at home. So, these are just an example of ones that I tried. They were OK, but I much prefer the ones I make at home that are still hot from the oven!

Next, I found this new hummus that is made with olive oil only! Yay!! And is a little lower calorie than the other packaged hummus brands I have had. An added bonus is that this flavor tastes delicious.

I also FINALLY got a few new plates, so now my food pictures won’t be taken on scratched-up multicolored plates as much. I was looking for high quality rectangular/square plates and I found this from HomeGoods.

The brand is “Denmark Tools for Cooks” and I haven’t been able to find them online yet. I found some of their bowls here , but will just have to check other HomeGoods stores for more. But, I thought, “Hah, Denmark, I was just there, why not buy these plates?”. My reasoning is ridiculous, but fun.

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