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food/exercise 4/3

Posted Apr 03 2008 4:57pm 1 Comment

e: 1 hour kundalini yoga, abs.

f: breafast: puffins cereal with light vanilla soymilk.

snack: 1 orange, dry puffins.

lunch: sandwhich on health nut bread, tomotos, spinach, avacado, 2 slices lowfat/hormone free swiss.

snack: carrots, dry puffins.

dinner: tomato, spinach, strawberries, salmon with spices and bbque sauce (leftover.)

dessert: 4 cadbury eggs. (!!!)

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Okay I was really impressed until the FOUR Cadbury eggs???!!!??? Didn't that just make you want to wretch? I think you need more friend to help out those sugar cravings! (Maybe I'm wrong - I'm picturing those really big eggs with the candy yolk. If you only had the little easter basket eggs, then you're great!)
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