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Food Diary Time: Soul-Searching Food Journal™ to Help You Now

Posted Jan 12 2010 12:00am 1 Comment


At the end of the day, have you completely lost track of what you ate? Are you at a loss as to what sweets, culprit carbs or fatty snacks you've put in your mouth? Do you wonder why you're packing on the pounds or feeling sluggish and unfocused?

Well, research shows that if you keep a food journal, you stand a greater chance of losing weight and achieving better health.

Indeed, people who've happily peeled off the weight -- "Highly Successful Losers™," as I call them -- report that one of their Smart Diet Habits™ is to "Keep Track of Your Favorite Lab Rat™.

In other words, watch yourself as if you were lovingly monitoring the intake of your ailing beloved pet.

When you Keep Track of Your Favorite Lab Rat™, you don't mindlessly shove nutrient-lacking non-foods into your mouth.

You begin to think before you eat, because you know you'll be writing down whatever you put into your mouth -- and will preferably (I hope, for your benefit) share it with an accountability partner.

To help you out, I'm sharing a food diary that I've created.

Feel free to share The Soul-Searching Food Journal™ with your friends, co-workers, gym buddies, bosses, hairdressers, fitness trainers, loved ones and even frustrating frenemies. In short, spread the link love, as some like to say. (Of course, please provide the proper credit though, as indicated below.)

The Soul-Searching Food Journal™  --  © Copyright - Connie Bennett, Smart Habits Coach & Author, SUGAR SHOCK!

Name ________________________________________

Date _________________________________________

Record the following information for each time segment:

What did I eat and drink? (On the first line, state what you ate. Be specific. Any sugary foods or drinks? Any refined carbs? Any artificial sweeteners? Any foods with gluten? How much salt?)

How did I I feel? Was I physically or emotionally hungry? (On the 2nd line, jot down how you felt both physically or emotionally. Were you tired, famished, angry, edgy, frustrated, furious, stressed out, etc.?)

7 a.m.      _______________________________________________________________
7 a.m.      _______________________________________________________________

8 a.m.      _______________________________________________________________
8 a.m.      _______________________________________________________________

9 a.m.     _______________________________________________________________
9 a.m.     _______________________________________________________________

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Your site has really helped me get ideas about how to keep <a href="">food diary</a running and well organized, and also how to keep track of calories and <a href="">carb counters</a> on daily basis - for that I thank you.

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