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Food Delivery Plans: Pros and Cons

Posted Aug 12 2009 10:49pm

It was fun having fresh and interesting meals delivered right to my front door, but as MANY of you pointed out, there are a number of not-so-great things about food delivery services.

Personally, a food delivery service is just not for me, but I think they can be beneficial to many people for a variety of reasons. So, I’ve created a pro-con list for food delivery services, like The Fresh Diet. Feel free to chime-in with your own thoughts on food delivery plans.


  • Convenient; delivered right to your door
  • No shopping for groceries or spending hours in the kitchen
  • May help you lose weight; takes the work out of counting calories and watching portions
  • Variety in meal options
  • Fresh food delivery services (instead of pre-packaged food) can provide you with your daily allowance of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Nutrition information and food labels provided for all meals


  • Lots of packaging; not environmentally-friendly; wasteful
  • Usually an expensive service
  • Portion sizes are typically small; may cause you to overeat later on
  • May include lots of preservatives and/or artificial flavors
  • May not be “nutritionally sound” (i.e. high in fat and sugar, low in fiber and nutrients)
  • Some plans offer a lack of variety; may get boring
  • Food may not be as fresh as if you prepared it yourself
  • Scheduling pick-up/drop-off times may be troublesome
  • When you get off the diet delivery service, it’s possible to gain weight again because you go back to your old eating habits; you never learn proper portion control or how make your own healthy meals
  • You could be wasting your money; you may not lose weight


Today’s lunch was from The Fresh Diet: California Style Wrap with Avocado, Baby Lettuce, Roasted Turkey, Monterey-Jack Cheese with Sweet Potato Chips and Guacamole Dip. The wrap was just okay, but the sweet potato chips with guacamole were excellent! I love this combo of flavors!



I only ate about 3/4 of my wrap, so I had some room for a sweet treat (not surprising, right? ;-) ), so I headed over to the Crema Cafe. There, I ordered an iced coffee and a Cocoa Banana muffin. The muffin was delish– it sort of reminded me of Devil’s Food Cake, but with a slight hint of banana flavor and chocolate chips mixed in. It was super moist, too! Holy yum! :mrgreen:



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