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Food Cravings- How to Control Them so They Don’t Control You

Posted Feb 04 2010 1:08pm
Someone asked recently, “Can you mentally overcome food cravings?” It sounds like they have already taken the first psychological step to conquering cravings, which is being aware that there is something uncomfortable happening. Most people would just reach for candy or a soda, and think, "Oh, that's how you fix that." Unfortunately, one craving soon leads to another and another, as the body is always looking for satisfaction.

Have you ever noticed that you can eat a big meal and still feel unsatisfied, like there's something missing? That' s because the body is always craving something sweet, salty or fatty. These are the three biggest food cravings. Often, it can seem like the mind is constantly being pulled toward one of those 3. If you get too much fat in your meal, but not enough sweetness, then you're going to want dessert. It's the body looking for balance, which of course, affects the mind.

I don't think that you can train your mind to overcome food cravings without addressing the imbalances in your diet first. Once you get the sweet/salt/fat overdoses eliminated, then the body can achieve its own natural balance. Everything starts to feel more harmonious and it is easier to adjust your thoughts and avoid food cravings .

It's all about achieving balance physically and mentally. Whole food health drinks are an easy tool to use to help the body maintain balance. As for your mind, by remaining clearly focused on how you feel and how you really want to feel, you are well on the way to conquering food cravings.
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