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food addicts anonymous

Posted by sarah d.

On the radio last night (810 am) they had a couple of woman talking about FA, which I figured must be food addict (their info can be found at . ANyway, they were saying that in the program they have people learn to eat right as a way of life and their main way of keeping healthy is to eat no sugar at all (including substitutes) and no flour. I thought about it for a while and realized how many foods are eliminated...this includes breads, tortillas, all sauces pretty much, but it does bring a lot of foods out into your daily meals that you may not eat enough of. Foods like beans, rices, avacados, tomatoes, cream of wheat and oatmeal, nuts, berries. It seems like eliminating the flour and sugar MAKES you only eat great foods! What do you think? Healthy or not?
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You can die from drinking too much water. I could never be one of those people who cuts something common out of my diet, unless I really had to. I don't think white flour and sugar will kill you, unless that's all you are eating all the time. I am a fan of adding more healthy options, rather than forbidding yourself from eating common foods. I do know that restrictive diets work for some people, but it's too much mental stress for me personally. I just like to focus on moderation in everything. As I said in the title here, you can die from drinking too much water! And then there's the soy controversy and who knows what else that is "good" might end up being bad some day. People in the past didn't have all these healthy food options. They ate their meat and potatoes and vegetables and that's all they had. I don't think our bodies were built to only survive on wheat grass.
If it works.... Some people need to join a group and have support to get in shape and lose weight. Sounds like this group has rules and boundaries. That's cool. All the power to them.
It could help some people.... if they have the discipline to cut out things as common as flour and sugar. I think the best way to deal with bad eating habits is to add extra heapings of lean meats, greens, veggies, fruits, and whole grains to your diet and subsequently cut back on the junkie stuff without necessarily giving it up altogether. Moderation, to me, is always the key.

It is a very healthy food plan. Designed to be balanced to keep blood sugar at a stable level. BUT it is more than just a food plan---it's a program of recovery. Has a ton of support. There are face to face meetings, phone meetings and online meetings.

As you may have guessed I have been doing it for two years now. Yes there is the weight loss but more important than that is the sense of freedom that certain foods no longer rule my life.
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