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Fly By Week

Posted Dec 01 2009 10:00pm

This week is flying by for me! I know it’s only Tuesday afternoon, but I feel like the last day and half has been a whirlwind. Holy moly! Anyone else having a fly-by week?


At NuVal, I munched on lunch at my desk. The entire office is being rearranged this week, so I’ll be in a new space starting tomorrow. I’m curious about my new digs!

For lunch, I brought a homemade salad of arugula, mushrooms, and brussels sprouts. It wasn’t the prettiest salad, but it tasted delicious!


After my salad, I enjoyed a sweet treat: Attune Chocolate Crisp bar, which tasted much better than I thought it would. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a “digestive health” product, but I like this little chocolate bar a lot. It tasted just like a Crunch bar.


I also snacked on some pretzel sticks from the NuVal kitchen. I had a serious salt craving this afternoon!


Price Per Wear

Remember my post about dressing stylish on a budget? A reader recently asked me how I determine whether a piece of clothing is an investment or not.

I determine if a piece is “investment-worthy” by figuring out its price per wear. I take the price of the item and divide it by 100, which is the number of times I want to wear something to consider it an investment. For instance, a $350 winter coat might seem expensive, but if I wear it all winter long, year after year, I will easily wear it 350 times, which works out to be $1 per wear. When you break down the cost of an investment item over time, the price actually turns out to be quite reasonable. On the flip-side, I rarely spend more than $20 on a trendy top that I will only wear to parties or during the holiday season.

I’ve been using this shopping method for years now and it has never steered me wrong! It has also helped me justify buying expensive jeans! ;-)

CNC Book Update

I received a copy of my contract via email yesterday! Ahhh! (I still think this whole thing is crazy!) Hopefully, I will be signing it in a few days. I need to get crackin’ ASAP! 8-O

NuVal Buzz

Check out Melissa’s Trade-Up Tuesday Giveaway on A Better Bag of Groceries! The contest closes at 11:59 pm (EST) tonight.

I’m keeping dinner light tonight (perhaps a big salad?) because I’m off to enjoy Champagne Gosset with French cheeses at Gordon’s tonight! I’m really looking forward to it! ;-)

Stay tuned for more giveaways! :mrgreen:

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