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Florida Misconceptions

Posted May 18 2011 10:24pm
Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to for updates on this topic.

A Dallas friend, Justin, was in town for business and I felt it was my duty to show him a proper meal after days of conference food.  He requested somewhere scenic, probably thinking that would be easier to come by than it actually is.

So that takes me to Florida Misconception #1: cities on the water have lots of waterfront restaurants.  I could only think of two (off the top of my head) that had outdoor seating, Hula Bay and Rick’s on the River .  Hula Bay was the obvious winner.  I was later reminded of Jackson’s , but I think given the option, I still would have chosen Hula Bay.

Derailing for a moment to discuss Florida Misconception #2…  Earlier this week, Chrissie mentioned her sister had an interest in flying from Southern California to visit Key West.  I asked “Really?  Has she ever been?”.  The answer was neither of them had been and she was SHOCKED when I informed her that Key West is bar-full, but oh so beach-less.  Florida has a gazillion beautiful beaches, none of which are located in Key West!

And back to the meal.  I hadn’t eaten at Hula Bay in a while, it’s kind of far and the first five times you drive there, you’ll feel like you’ve taken a wrong turn.  It’s that far.  It’s the BFE of Tampa proper.

But after this meal, it’s back on my radar.  I sampled some of Justin’s ceviche, partly because I was starving, but mostly because I’m having a difficult time resisting fresh seafood as summer approaches.  I don’t see myself being a full on seafood eater again, but being flexible does make the lives of my loved ones a little less annoying when dining out.

And that brings me to my meal.  I saw that they offered grilled portobellos as a side and asked if I could substitute beef for shroom and create my own “burger”.  So glad they said yes!  My grilled portobello and pineapple burger with citrus BBQ sauce was divine.  I ate the whole thing and all I can think about as I write is how soon I can head back out there and order another.

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