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Flopped on Your Diet? Fret not! Free Teleseminar on Top 10 Reasons You Failed on Your Diet or Kick-Sugar Program

Posted Mar 25 2010 12:00am

Jimmy Moore 446429211_64abb9cb6f_m Are you really frustrated and frazzled, because yet again, you messed up on your diet and turned to donuts, candies or cookies when you intended to "do good"?

Even more embarrassing, did also you then get into an argument with your loved one(s) over no good reason, because you were hyped up on sugar or brain-fogged because of the crap you ate? And did you hide your junk food or eat your stash in private?

If any of the four scenarios ring true, you're in the company of millions.

Every hour, all across the country, people are "failing" on their diets and shoving sweets or junk food into their mouths and getting negligible nutrients.

Jimmymoorebefore It's perfectly understandable that you'd be out of sorts for relying on food for comfort or consolation. So are you ready to begin again tomorrow? Not the smartest move! You read me right!

Your diet or kick-sugar program should begin way before you actually start it. In other words, you need to set the stage first. If you were going to run a marathon, wouldn't you train for months in advance?

Well, starting a diet with no advance planning is one of The 10 Top Reasons that You Consistently Fail to Lose Weight or Kick Sugar. Learn more about this reason and the other 9 reasons in a free teleseminar on Wed., March 31 at 8 pm EST.

I'm co-hosting the program with popular low-carb blogger Jimmy Moore , author of 21 Life Lessons From Livin' La Vida Low-Carb: How The Healthy Low-Carb Lifestyle Changed Everything I Thought I Knew

You'll be wowed by Jimmy's story. In January 2004, he weighed in at 410 pounds at age 32. (See what Jimmy looked like then, to your left).

He finally decided to face up to the fact that it was time for a change. He launched on a diet, shed 180 pounds, shrunk his waist by 20 inches, and dropped his shirt size from 5XL to XL. (The photo of above is Jimmy now.)

Now, Jimmy is devoted to helping millions, and I'm honored that he's agreed to join this free teleseminar for you. Together, we'll share our insights and explain 10 Top Reasons Why You Failed to Lose Weight or Kick Sugar. Sign up below.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

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