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Flatten Your Belly Meal Plan

Posted by AregM

British food scientist Monica Grenfell has filled this 3-day meal plan with simple, unprocessed foods. The plan is designed to completely eliminate bloat over the next few days, so your belly will get flat fast. Day 1 Breakfast 1/2 c oats simmered or microwaved with water; nonfat milk added to taste Mid-morning 6 oz live and active cultures yogurt Water Lunch Herb, spinach, or tomato omelette (2 yolks, 3 whites) Plain-dressed leaf salad (with vinaigrette) Mid-afternoon 10 oz nonfat milk with 1/2 tsp honey Dinner Plain flattened chicken breast rolled in crushed pine nuts and pan-fried (make one extra, and refrigerate) Spinach with carrot puree (no butter) Dessert 6 plums with rice pudding OR 3 rings pineapple, roasted, with low-fat sour cream Two hours before bed 1 apple 1 banana 6 almonds Small cup nonfat milk, warmed, with 1/2 tsp honey ....Continued on;_ylt=AnzhUnSMfalPGA_4teQxW16z5xcB
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