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Flat Belly Diet for Men

Posted Nov 15 2010 4:29pm

Flat Belly Diet for Men

Eat your way to six-pack abs!

Flat bellies aren’t just for wives and girlfriends! Now the New York Times bestseller The Flat Belly Diet!, the only diet that specifically targets belly fat, has been revamped just for men. With mouthwatering meals that fill you up and boost your energy, losing weight will never be the same.

You’ve noticed that your belly just hasn’t stopped growing since you hit the big 4-0. You’re not alone—once you hit middle age, that extra beer with the guys or last night’s bucket of fried chicken starts to show itself—in the form of your belly, spilling out over your pants, putting your buttonholes to the test, and distancing you evermore from your toes. If no amount of sit ups, boxing workouts or early morning runs has deflated your flab the way it did when you were 20 years old, it’s time to up your game.

Turn to The Flat Belly Diet! for Men to:

  • Lose up to 11 pounds during the Four-Day Flat Abs Kickstart and up to 27.2 pounds during the Four-Week MUFA Meal Plan
  • Eat five hearty, MUFA-packed meals a day
  • Try the no-crunch exercise routines designed to burn fat and chisel your abs faster
  • Make your own menu with over 140 easy and flexible recipes and quick-fix meals like Pizza for Breakfast and Grilled Flank Steak with Olive Oil Mojo Sauce.

Learn how to make better food and fitness decisions wherever you go—at work, on the road, or in a bar downing beer with your pals.

Enjoy satisfying and healthful foods while losing the weight you want. By using The Flat Belly Diet! for Men, you’ll not only feel fit and cut, but you’ll have better health, more energy and (of course) those six-pack abs!


3 Stars Reply reviewers question of When’s the last time you used Marjoram or Cardamom..
A reviewer wants to know when the last time I used Marjoram or Cardamom?

Like the shopping list is strange or hard to find.

The shopping list included in these Fat Belly Diet books is not unusual or difficult. It might be unusual or difficult for some people out there because our American diet is so filled with junk and fast food we don’t know what good food is.

The last time I used Marjoram? was on an elk steak my husband brought home after the elk hunt. Cardamom is a common spice used in Swedish/Scandanavian cooking.

Wake up people ! These are not unusual spices. Its just that every day fast food doesn’t use real food or spices. The American Food industry,the fast foods, restaurants, the guys that are making processed foods, stocking the shelves in the grocery stores are selling you junk, insulin resistance and diabetes, heart disease, strokes… the list goes on. The American Diet is killing us. We are fat because we eat so much junk.Everything in the food we eat is loaded with sugar, salt, fructose, MSG, the stuff that is killing us. When is the last time you read a food label? If it has MSG.. a flavor enhancer, you will see it is in everything out there from soups to chips. It makes food taste good, but it will fry your brain & your kids brains in the meantime. Fructose ~ poison. The food industry has figured out ways to use fructose to fool us into thinking its not so bad as sugar. Well guess what? Its so bad that I have gone back to using a teaspoon of sugar instead of all that other sugary stuff out there. Do you know that Equal is Aspartame.. a brain killer, and Splenda is actually made with Clorox and if you sprayed it on the weeds in your yard they would die? Its a weed killer and we are told to sweeten our food with it.

We are overweight and obese because we eat sugar, white flour, white potatoes, white processed rice.. white bread, crackers, cookies, chips, beer! there is nothing redeeming in beer. I like a beer now and then. Nothing tastes better on a really hot afternoon than a really icy cold beer,. but there is nothing good for you in it.

I don’t know how bad this book is because I am not a guy. But I do have the flat belly diet book.. and I have a Dr. Ray Strands book Releasing Fat / Healthy for Life, Preventing Diabetes. And Dr. Strand has devoted his life, and web site to getting people to stop killing themselves with the junky American Diet.

This Flat Belly Diet book is written by nutritionists for Prevention Magazine. And while I do not agree with their diet of having cereal for breakfast ( Dr. Strand says its still sugar & leads to insulin resistance, if not all out diabetes) but if you can get around the white stuff.. and eat REAL FOOD with REAL Spices.. or go pick up an old old cookbook like Betty Crocker from 1950.. or earlier, you will see Americans used to eat real food, and they didn’t have this gross obesity that is sweeping over our country today. Its the food industry. They are killing us with processed foods.

I am a mom.. just a mom. And what I feed my husband, and what I feed my daughter matters. I care. No High Fructose, No MSG ever comes into this house. And if I can stop it, no white bread, no white flour, white rice, white potatoes, processed food.. it all converts to.. SUGAR. And it will kill you.

Eat real food. From the organic cow, the organic chicken, from the garden. Even Tyson and their crappy chickens are not real food. Read the Bird Flu Hoax by Dr. Mercola.. there is no bird flu. They made it up so they could get all the market for chickens.

Just do your homework. Things are not what they seem to be. Even our food is tainted.

5 Stars This book is for those who are serious about their health
My husband and I bought the original flat belly book two years ago. To this day, we have been able to keep our weight off with no struggle whatsoever. This book is not a fad diet or would I even call it a diet book. Its an instructional manual on portion control and lifestyle changes. This book has shown us a new way of eating to live not living to eat. For those reviews I have read that were not in favor of the book I have this to say: You’re really not serious about your health and are looking for a quick fix. Also, I gather some of the people who write these awful reviews don’t even really read the book- they just look for the miracle fix in the book and when it doesn’t work for them, they give up because it obviously requires an effort. Living well requires all your effort not the minimum.

4 Stars great diet
Hi Guys

I’m not the diet type, but needed to lose a few. My buddy lost over 30 lbs in a month and went on to lose 50 in a short time, so I thought I’d try it. Great diet- I’ve lost weight and inches in a short time and never felt hungry. The food’s very good. I think the directions are a little confusing sometimes, but all in all very easy to follow. You get 2000 calories a day, so it’s not a “Crash” diet.

Check it out!

3 Stars Not for vegetarians!
I have used the Flat Belly Diet for Women, and found it helpful. Nevertheless, both it and this edition do not cater for those who prefer not to eat meat.

3 Stars Good Book, Nice Transaction
A Good Book, Nice Price and delivered as advertised – expected no less and could ask for no more.

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