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Five Things Friday

Posted Nov 08 2013 10:01am

Hi friends!  Thank you so much for the positive feedback on my last post.  It’s so crazy that when you open up just a little about something really personal, you find that there are so many others who are going through the exact same thing.  While it doesn’t solve life’s problems, there is definitely comfort in knowing that you aren’t alone in this stage of life. So thank you all for the reassurance :)

This week was actually a pretty fun one and OMG I just looked outside and i’s snowing.  There are flurries.  While little fluff balls.  Welp this just means one thing: the holiday season is just around the corner! But seriously I had no idea it was going to snow today.  Ahhh well at least it’s not supposed to snow in Chicago this weekend, which leads me to my first thing of this post-

1. I’m leaving for Chicago in a few short hours to meet up with some of my blog friends!!! Katie @ Blonde Ambition , Carly @ Snack Therapy , Becky @ Olives n Wine and Sara @ Fitcupcaker .  We have a weekend of ridiculousness planned, aka: basically our days are planned around where we want to eat (do you expect anything less from foodies?).  I need this girl’s weekend more than ever so I am ready to laugh, eat, and drink until my stomach hurts.  Yeahhhh

2. Speaking of, since I am driving there solo today (only about 6 hours) my hubby did the man thing before he left for work this morning and checked all of the car tires, made sure I had my most recent insurance card in the car (I didn’t) and literally made me go to a tree in our yard and practice spraying my pepper spray.  I am not even kidding a little bit.  So if anyone tries anything, I have my weapon of pepper.  And now I know it sprays at least 3 feet.

3. This week we invited guests over for dinner twice! It was a really fun way to make the week go by super quick, I’m not going to lie.  Monday we had a friend over to watch the Packers/Bears game so I went with a manly meal and made the boys chicken wings. (Football fans: How about the game, eh? Sucks for Rodgers ;) )

IMG_5383 4. Then last night we invited 2 of the German interns from Michael’s office over for dinner.  And in exchange they offered to help us plan our honeymoon to Germany that we taking in the beginning of January.  I’ve mentioned this a few times, but we haven’t officially gone on a honeymoon and have always wanted to travel abroad together.  Well we’re getting the chance now and are going to take it and run.  It’s a lot different planning an international trip for just 2 people as opposed to signing up and going with a group. A lot! But so much more adventurous :) I have no idea how we would have figured this out without their help!

So I made them pork chops with a mushroom marsala sauce, cheesy broccoli and herb roasted new potatoes. It was muy bueno.  Wait, that’s the wrong country/language?  They were trying to teach us german and I have accepted that we are screwed and will be downloading a translator app to do the work for us.


5. And now since all I’ve accomplished so far this morning is a run, walked the dog, stretched, ate breakfast, shot my pepper spray and blogged- I need to get moving! I still have to pack, make some food for my blends, shower/get ready, stop at the post office and hit the road.  See you on Monday we some lovely Chicago recaps!

Have you ever actually shot your pepper spray?

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: go!

What are your weekend plans?

xoxo Alisha

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