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Five Simple Tips To Grow Your Business Brand Using Pinterest

Posted Jul 23 2013 7:00am

Increasing security breaches in the social media If there is one thing that I have learned about social media marketing, it is that it is a constantly changing forum. Just when we think that we have a handle on how to successfully leverage the biggest social media giants (such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) to grow our business, a new online resource arrives on the scene, demanding our attention and time. It is wonderful, exciting and, yes, a little scary all at the same time! The latest social media marketing tool to prove itself a promotional force to be reckoned with? Pinterest.

Pinterest Offers Global Access To Prospective Clients

If you have not quite made the marketing leap into Pinterest yet, now is the perfect time. Despite its relatively recent debut, current studies and reports show that this social media site is truly proving a global online phenomenon, with over 48.7 million Pinterest users throughout the world. Most importantly, beyond sheer numbers, countless business owners have proven that when it comes to building their online business brand, Pinterest is a powerful and invaluable tool.

Five Simple Tips To Use Pinterest To Build And Extend The Reach Of Your Brand

Ready to start using Pinterest to grow your online brand empire? Following a few simple tips can help you get the marketing ball rolling as quickly as possible.

Tip #1 Consider target audience: Yes, you should already have a firm grasp on how to successfully market to your customer demographic; however, Pinterest is a predominantly visual resource. In order to visually connect and engage with your target audience you must consistently pin eye-catching images that not only look great, but serve a purpose. Showcasing your latest products, offering easy DIY projects that fall in line with your service offerings and tips for staying organized using your merchandise are just some of the ways you can grab the interest of your followers.

Tip #2 Stay organized: At times, Pinterest can feel overwhelming to even the most advanced user. Keep all your business pages easy to follow and organized so visitors can quickly find exactly what they are looking for. Always include separate pages for:

• Most popular products
• Seasonal merchandise
• Sale items

These particular items are most likely the pages visitors will want to check out first. Granting easy access to these products is a perfect way to help encourage a re-pin!

Tip #3 Stay keyword focused: Yes, Pinterest is mostly about the pics; however, it is still possible to keep your boards optimized for specific keywords in their titles. Keeping your Pinterest page consistent with your other online marketing strategies is the best way to guarantee online searchers looking for what your business offers will be able to easily find you.

Tip #4 Run contests: Just like other social media sites, Pinterest business  contests  can deliver major brand marketing impact. Contest ideas such as having visitors upload their pics, creating their own Pinterest boards or even requesting comments on your own business boards can prove a great way to build followers, visitor traffic, online buzz and, ultimately, brand recognition.

And… anxious to know Tip #5, read on: The most important tip for using Pinterest to build your business brand? Exercise patience. As with any social media marketing site, it is important to slowly and steadily build your community of online followers. Establishing your businesses’ online credibility with your page visitors may take a little time, but it proves the best way to ensure that your future marketing messages will be well received.

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