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Five Methods to Help Your Teen Be a Healthy Role Model

Posted Sep 13 2013 10:03pm

teen dreams While helping to raise two of my nephews, I witnessed the overwhelming amount of peer pressure that teens are faced with to socially “fit in” among their peers. I also realized how strong of an influence a teen’s friends can have on their behavior and actions. Teens can easily buckle under peer pressure and follow whatever the crowd is doing, including participating in risky behaviors such as bullying or medicine abuse.

Teens need to recognize that they can influence their friends and younger family members who look up to them. They can accomplish this by simply going out of their way to say something positive instead of negative about someone and by setting a respectful example of how to treat peers in a social setting.

Parents, below are some methods you can use to help teach your teen how to be a healthy role model for their friends and younger siblings:

As parents, it is our responsibility to protect our teens and provide them with the guidance they need to make healthy decisions. How do your encourage your teen to be a positive role model for others? Please share in the comments below!

About Blaise Brooks ( 2 Posts )

I grew up in a home surrounded by very strong women. Everyone took care of each other’s kidsit was always “call your aunt for help” or “call your grandmother.” So it seems only natural for me to work with the Five Moms in educating others about the dangers of teen cough medicine abuse.

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