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Five Friday Favorites

Posted Sep 27 2013 12:19pm
Thanks for all of the sweet comments on yesterdays post!  I’ve had a few request to talk about our decision to share each other’s name, so be on the lookout for that one soon.  <3 you all!  Onto my friday favorites of this week-

1. If everyone loved anything as much as Herky loves walks, the world would be a much better place. This dog LIVES for walks.  If he could choose between a treat and walk, I’m telling you he would choose that walk any day!  He definitely came into the right family- good thing we all like our exercise.  BUkIGCGCAAA6oLq.jpg-large 2. Soooo we ran out of eggs on Monday (the worst, right?).  We tried to get through the week without them- I thought it might help force me to eat something other than my beloved avocado/toast/egg combo for breakfast.  One morning I woke up a little later than I wanted to and didn’t make anything the night before for my breakfast (whomp whomp).  So I was forced to eat the last of my pumpkin cookies with sunbutter and chia seeds…..suddenly being egg-less wasn’t so horrible.  Although it also looks as though I couldn’t contain my excitement long enough to get a non-blurry picture.  IMG_4758

3. We finally couldn’t take the “no eggs” thing anymore and went to our favorite local discount store last night to pick some up last night after bootcamp (they sell local farmer’s eggs and they are sooo good).  They were out of eggs- I think we are destined to not have eggs this week?  So of course we left with three bags full of other things.  No self-control there.  But I found these miracle noodles that I remember hearing about from time to time.  They’re basically noodles made out of plant fiber.  I’m really excited and mostly curious to try them out.

miracle noodle I have absolutely no idea why these amazing granola combos from KIND were there…but like I said on Instagram - I’m not complaining!  I may or may not have already tried each kind.  Oops.  KIND

4. This was my favorite breakfast of the week.   Gina’s breakfast cookie (I added chia seeds to the mix) topped with protein frosting (a little protein powder and a teeny bit of water to get the right consistency), a kiwi and toasted coconut.  Seriously SO GOOD.


Speaking of Gina - she just posted a pretty sweet giveaway on her blog, a 16GB Mini Tablet LOADED with financial apps.  Ummmmm, sign me up! Head over to her blog if you want to enter to win .  I wouldn’t get your hopes up though, because I have a feeling I’ll be winning this one ;)  Just kidding I actually never win anything.  If you win it will you at least show me what it looks like? K thanks.

5.  And finally- I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season!!!  This deserves it’s own category this week, right?  Right!  It was everything I dreamed and remembered it to be from last year.


I always order mine as a double tall 1 pump pumpkin soy no whip latte ;) Didja catch all of that?  Starbucks lingo…I have it mastered since I worked for the giant throughout college.

IMG_4759 I was thinking of writing a post all about what you should and shouldn’t order at bux- including the best secrets they don’t tell you! Interested?

Disclaimer: I received a sweepstakes entry in exchange for blogging about the CITI 16G Tablet giveaway. 

Have you ever heard of or tried Miracle Noodles?

DId you cave and get your pumpkin spice latte yet?

Does your dog love walks as much as Herky?



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