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Five Friday Confessions

Posted Jan 25 2013 6:26pm

1. I am head over heels for Rachel of This Italian Family’s naan recipe .  I made a big batch of them on Wednesday night and have been munching on them like crazy the past few days.  It was the perfect addition to this gorgeous salad (greens, roasted veggies & caramelized walnuts): IMG_1441

2.  I decided to take it easy on my workouts this week for a couple of reasons: 1) I officially gave myself shin splints last weekend and 2) I want to be fully recovered and well rested so that I can be a part of Fitnessista’s Winter Shape Up that is starting on Monday.      Since coming back to Ohio from x-mas vaca in Iowa at the beginning on the month, I’ve been killing it in the gym.  High intervals, high impact, high weights (5-6 days a week)- so much that it did my body in and I realized that it needed more than one day off each week to recover from all of the crazy things I’ve been doing it lately.  So my take on “taking it easy” this week was:

Monday-  I found this Jillian Michaels 20 minute circuit online somewhere and typed it into my phone for what I *thought* would be an easy breezy workout:


Don’t be fooled.  I used 8lb weights for this and was totally dead by the end, like laying flat face on the ground dead.  When my ass was super sore the next day I realized that I overdid it exactly one day after I said I wasn’t going to overdo it this week.

So Tuesday I took the entire day off to recover.

Wednesday I went to the gym for an easy 30 minutes on the elliptical.  It felt nice to shake my legs out and move a little – but not going balls to wall.

Thursday- OFF

Friday- OFF

As of right now, I feel fantastic.  I didn’t really change my eating habits compared to usual and I’m starting to feel like this was one of the best things I could have done for myself at the moment.  I was originally only going to take 3 days off this week like I said on Meg’s #highfivefriday post , but I’m thinking I’m going to go to my favorite power yoga class tomorrow morning (because I love it as it does so much for me mentally as it does physically) and take Sunday off, too.  I’m trying not to feel too guilty about taking 4 days off this week, but at the same time I think of how ridiculous that might sound to some people….. because working out 3 days a week may be plenty.  Either way, trying not to feel guilty for it and embracing the fact that I’m letting myself take some time to recover.

3.  We had a minor snow storm (that I got stuck right smack in the middle of) today and couldn’t help but think of how beautiful snow can be….even if it took me one hour to drive 25 miles ;)




I took the last picture the other day when it was snowing-  we probably got about 4 inches just today!  Now if only we owned a couple pairs of snowshoes we could snowshoe the trails tomorrow afternoon ;)  It’s probably one of my favorite outdoor winter activities!

4.  I spent a long time yesterday catching up on blog reading and discovering a plethora of new bloggies.  After a solid five hours of doing so, my head was spinning.  As I read more and more blogs (subscribing to an endless amount), I started to feel a little frustrated.  Really, really frustrated.  The more I discovered and read new blogs, the smaller and less worthy I felt.  I was thinking negative thoughts, “I’m not sure if I fit in with this category of bloggers, I don’t post as much as her, I don’t have 400 followers after 4 months of blogging, etc, etc, etc.”

Before I started blogging, I was probably reading a total of 7-10 blogs daily.  I was simply a girl reading a couple of blogs for entertainment who happened to learn a few things along the way.   I enjoyed it so much, that I wanted to start my own blog to share what I have learned to my friends and family who don’t read healthy living blogs daily.  I wanted to show others (who aren’t necessarily an expert in living “healthy”) what it’s like to live an active lifestyle and how to eat healthy food that they can recognize and apply to their lifestyle (and throw in a couple of my recipes in here and there).   I didn’t realize that there was an entire society of bloggers who read, support and follow a crazy amount of blogs.

I think Socrates said it right when he said, “the more I learn, the more I learn how little I know.”

I didn’t start this blog because I thought that I had so much knowledge that I would explode if I didn’t show others what I “know”.  I didn’t start this blog to try and get as many followers as I possibly can in the shortest amount of time by reading 100 blogs everyday and commenting one every. single. one. just to get a comment back on mine (which I don’t have the time to do, either!)  I guess what I’m trying to say is that I learned a lot about myself yesterday when I began to compare myself to other bloggers (from their blog layout to their post material to how many followers they have, etc.).  I learned that as much as I preach fitness and healthy living is a journey, I need to apply that same mentality to my blogging.  There are thousands and thousands of blogs in cyberspace and mine is just one in a tiny little corner of this “world”.  When I started, I told myself that even if I can make a positive impact on person that it would be worth it.  Yesterday I started to get caught up in the little details that didn’t matter and I need to remember the promise I made myself when I first started.  So thank you, however many followers I have, for reading with me.   I know my blog isn’t perfect, but I promise to open up a little more to you in this little blog of mine and to be more true to myself because, just like anything in life, growing this blog is a journey- not a destination.  I already feel a little better opening up about this right now.  It’s not worth it to get frustrated about my blog- I started it for fun and I will continue to do it for fun.  I know that I don’t have everything “perfect” as far as I want it to eventually become, and I have SO much to learn about blogging, but I will get there.   I just need to the enjoy the ride along the way.  Isn’t that what life is all about?  Sometimes it’s necessary to reflect on your own life and make sure that in the end, you’re happy. Because your happiness is really all that matters at the end of the day.

5.  So after that heavy confession I will confess that in our household on Fridays, we love to celebrate the end of the week with pizza and beer.  So, friends, I’m going to go make me and my hubby some crazy spicy chicken pizza and drink a beer (nut brown ale, to be exact).

I just hope that whatever you’re doing on this Friday night, you’re doing what you love.




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