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Fitness Tip: Tennis Elbow

Posted Apr 20 2010 7:31am

Tennis season is here! Here's another fitness tip for tennis elbow sufferers from Kalev: Personal Trainer Eric Walker:

Tennis Elbow (officially known as lateral epicondylitis) is simply an inflamation of the lower outer edge of the humorus (lateral epicondyle) that results in discomfort. Tennis elbow is a repetitive strain injury which means that overuse over the course of months, or even years, can lead to tiny tears in the tendon and eventually injury. Any repetitive impact while gripping can cause this disorder. Squash, tennis, badminton and occasionally weightlifting are the most common causes of this injury, however, it can result from something as simple as using a computer mouse all day long for years on end.

Most common treatments for tennis elbow include taking anti-inflamatory drugs (asprin, ibuprofen, etc.), rest, cooling after use, heating to relax muscle and compression bands to relieve tensions on the tendons. Rehab for tennis elbow involves stretching, strengthening the affected tendons, and massaging the injured tissue.

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