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Fit Yo Pants Result Highlights

Posted Dec 10 2012 10:00am

I wanted to share some of your amazing Fit Yo Pants Challenge results, because they’re pretty amazing!

First up, here’s Elizabeth :

The last side profile is an amazing difference in just six weeks!

Next up, queenbliss :

To help her stay motivated, she says: “I kept the pants on the hanger and saw them every morning when I woke up and every time I went to bed. I knew I couldn’t let myself down as I had many times in the past.”

Here’s Alyssa :

Those are some crazy results! Here’s how she did it: “I worked out 6 days a week, for an hour most days. I would do 10-20 minutes of circuit training and yoga or barre style workouts for the rest. There were definitely more treats in my diet than you recommended, but I consider myself an intuitive eater, so I only ate when hungry and didn’t overindulge too much.”

Check out Nicole ’s results:

Catrina ’s progress:

Awesome work! Catrina says, “To fit my pants, I ate healthier foods and cut out all drinks except for water. I’ve been running four times a weeks since I started my fitness journey.”

Stacey was really excited to lose inches, though she says her pants are still a bit snug:

Stacey says, “How did I do it? Portion control and increased exercise. Portion control was the easy part. Along with the discipline to say ‘no thank you’ when offered sweets or carbs at work.  Now that is dedication! As for exercise I kept track of my weekly minutes. To challenge myself by doing more but also not overdoing it either. Did I mention that I work in retail?? I am so proud that I was able to even loose anything during the hardest month out of the year. Let alone Black Friday!!! To be totally honest I wasn’t expecting to loose anything.”

Congrats and thanks to all on your fantastic work! It’s not the easiest time to decide to make healthier choices, so your progress is extra impressive. The randomly selected winner of the $100 gift card is…

Laura M.! Email me to claim your prize.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! Be proud of yourselves, fo reals.

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