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Fish Oil to Lower Cholesterol

Posted Feb 20 2009 5:30pm

I can lower your cholesterol naturally.

Pretty strong statement, eh? Can I offer a guaruntee? No - I can't. That's not how I work. However I have worked with enough clients over the years who have followed a specific nutritional protocol for lowering their cholesterol and we've done it time and time again. 30 points in 30 days. I feel confident enough to at least say that.

A nutritional protocol is a recipe for health success, it combines the many nutrients we know benefit an individual at the cellular level and we use that recipe towards a specific goal - like lowering their cholesterol. Often a client will say well I'd prefer to not to take this part of the recipe.  While I can go along with that, it's a clients choice after all, it's not what I recommend.  To me it's a bit like trying to make a cake without flour. If an ingredient is missing can you really expect cake?

One of the major ingredients in the lowering your cholesterol naturally protocol is fish oil.

If you are eating sardines, anchovies and mackeral regularly, then your diet provides the  essential fatty acids you need. Guess what? Americans might eat 13 lbs of fish per year and mostly they are eating the wrong kinds of fish.  When was the last time you ate Mackeral?  

Taking a fish oil supplement guaruntee's a daily source of fish without going fishing and provides these remarkably fishy health benefits:

reduces triglycerides and cholesterol

raises HDL ( good cholesterol)

lowers blood pressure

reduces risk of blood clots

reduces risk of heart attack and stroke

reduces inflammation

reduces arthritis inflammation and pain

alleviates autoimmune diseases

improves eczema, colitis, arthritis, MS, psoriasis, migraines

prevents preterm deliveries and toxemia

helps support brain, eye and joint health

essential for the brain, eyes of a developing fetus

sourced from nutrition and you ( thank you )

Taking a high quality clean, ultra pure, pharmaceutical grade full spectrumfish oil assures that the above mentioned benefits are then available to the blood stream and assimilated at the cellular level, which is our ultimate goal.

Your cells need this stuff to survive, to heal, to grow.
Be reminded that all sources of fish oil are not created equal. There is growing concern that the sources of fish for fish oil supplements are tainted, after all the waters are polluted, this shows up in our fish. Impurities and contaminants such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium,dioxins, and PCBs are NOT found in our product. 

It's important to source your supplements from a company who prides itself on quality control, triple - distillation for product purity and the strongest concentration of fish oil. 

Our product contains a full spectrum of seven naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acids EPA, DHA, ALA, and more. It also contains higher levels of EPA and DHA than leading brands. DHA is critical for brain development and function.

Be sure to ask me for the essential fatty acid benefits information sheet.

Your heart thanks you.

holy mackeral, fish print flickr image credit

karen hanrahan | wellness educator and consultant | writer
nutrition ~green clean~inch loss ~ anti-aging

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