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Fish Oil Proves Promising for Type 2 Diabetics

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:12pm

We keep hearing more and more positive research relating to fish oil's amazing properties.

Now, in the latest finding, scientists from Texas A&M University-Kingsville found that fish oil improves glucose uptake in muscle cells, according to results released Saturday at the 66th annual meeting of the American Diabetic Association in Washington, DC.

Nordic Naturals, the company whose omega-3 fish oils were used in the study, released a press release about the latest promising news about the substance.

"Results of the in vitro study indicate that when the hormone insulin is present, fish oil helps to more efficiently transport glucose (also known as blood sugar) into muscle cells. This is important because blood sugar must get inside muscle cells for proper metabolic functioning and scientists have not yet fully understood how fish oil may impact this in the presence of insulin. The aim of the study was to evaluate differences in cellular glucose activity with various concentrations of fish oil."

For the study, Nordic's Omega-3™, Ultimate Omega™, DHA™, and Complete Omega-3-6-9™, patented omega-3 fish oil concentrates were used. All these essential fatty acid blends improved glucose uptake.

It's so fascinating to keep hearing about the wonders of quality fish oils. In fact, I talk about their benefits in my upcoming book, SUGAR SHOCK!

Unfortunately, most Americans are so darn deficient on these quality fats, because they're eating so much processed crap that contains the low-grade, potentially harmful hydrogenated fats.

By the way, I should credit Dr. Barry Sears and his book, The Zone, for first making me aware of the importance of quality fats in our diets. For me, one of the amazing benefits that I discovered is that when I eat enough good fats, I have less cravings and stay full longer.

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