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Finding Shangri-La

Posted by Kenna M.

Sir Robert McCarrison, a British surgeon, brought to the world's attention the health of the a group of people in India in the 1920's. He studied their foods and dietary habits. They were a curious people. They appeared to be disease free. In his years of studying these people, he had never seen a single case of indigestion, an ulcer, appendicitis, colitis or cancer. Many of these people lived to be well over 100 years old, had sound minds and every tooth still in their head. He pored over their diet. It consisted of whole wheat bread, barley, millet, sprouted beans and peas, fresh vegetables and fruit, raw milk and buttermilk and raw cheese. Apricots and other fruit, both fresh and dried, constituted a greater portion of their diet than usual. There was little meat. McCarrison conducted a valuable experiment. He tested the same diet along with great amounts of water on experimental animals. It produced the same excellent health in animals as he had seen with human beings. McCarrison proved eating the right foods makes a body healthier.
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