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Finally, I'm listening to my body

Posted Jun 04 2010 12:01pm
Well I'm not gonna lie, I've had a tough 24 hours. The Volunteer Awards Evening was great, we had 8 main awards including Volunteer of the Year and then all of the volunteers who come along also get a certificate. The night finished with a boogie on the dance floor, such good fun and such amazing people. I loved all your comments about the volunteer work you have done, and how important you feel volunteering is. Its so great that so many of you have volunteered before!

When I got home my knee and leg were really tight, I decided that I should have really listened to my body and stopped any exercise last week when it first felt painful. Although working out at the gym and to DVD's doesn't hurt like it does when I run, they are obviously still irritating my knee, hence why its getting worse instead of better. I had a good old cry about it all last night, I feel like I've worked so hard to improve my fitness, especially my running and now this has happened.

I'm petrified that the weight is going to pile back on (more on that later) and that I'm going to lose all of this fitness I have built up and that I'm going to be unable to do the Great North Run in September. I know its early days to get so worried about things and that I should wait and see what the physio says tomorrow but I just feel so worried about it. I didn't workout this morning and this is the first time I've missed a planned workout in months (apart from my illness last week). I think looking back I have pushed my body too hard with the running (I have increased my distance and times quite a bit over the last couple of months) and now its rebeling on me!

I'm going to throw my June training plan out of the window from now and just see what the physio says tomorrow regarding what exercise I can continue to do. I'm really hoping that I can still continue for the next two weeks as I will be on holiday after that when I'll be getting a full weeks rest anyway. I had been planning on some working out while on holiday, but thats totally out as well. So for the rest of June my fitness programme is a clean slate.

To make matters worse I had my weigh in this morning and I've gained 4lbs since last week! I'm back up to 10st 1 (141lbs). I know that most of the loss from last week was due to my illness but it still sucks. That, combined with a reduced or possibly non existent workout programme means I'm going to have to be very careful about what I eat for the next two weeks if I want to lose a few pounds so I can fully enjoy my holiday. I'll be focusing on watching my carbs and increasing my protein which also has the added benefit of helping my muscles repair, hopefully speeding up my recovery. Ok, so thats enough of my moaning! Onwards and upwards...

For breakie this morning I had my first try of Quark (very low fat cream cheese). It was really good, I love the creamy texture. I mixed half a tub with a little vanilla rice milk and a scoop of chocolate whey and then topped it with mixed berries and some Dorset Cereals Roasted and Toasted muesli.

Very tasty indeed! I love these mixed berries, I get a bag of them frozen for under £2, much cheaper than getting them fresh.

I had a late start for work as I had to attend a meeting in Newcastle. Luckily my boss suggested that I just work from home for the rest of the day so I headed back, did a whole load of stretching for my legs and then had lunch. I had a bowl of my African Inspired Sweet Potato Soup with added spinach leaves for green goodness.

I also had an apple sprinkled with maca and cinnamon.

Mid afternoon I made myself a vanilla frappuccino protein shake (scoop of vanilla whey, skimmed milk, water, ice cubes, teaspoon of instant decaf coffee).

This really hit the spot!

For dinner I made my Lime, Ginger and Chilli Cashew Stir Fry, just with out the cashews! I stir fried a lovely chicken breast with brocolli, spring onion and a bag of mixed vegetables and made a delicious sauce with lime juice, fresh minced ginger, chilli and soy sauce.

A huge plate full of veggies and lean protein, just how I like it! I haven't had beansprouts in ages, I love them so much in stir fries. The bag of mixed veggies was reduced to £1 and I'm glad I decided to get them, just so delicious. I followed that with a juicy orange.

Drinks - water, green tea, decaf tea

I apologise for my whinge at the start of this post, I just find it therapeutic to be able to get my feelings out through the blog.

So what does everyone have planned for the weekend? I have my physio appointment then I'm planning a trip into town to get some bits and pieces ready for my holiday. On Sunday its my Nephews 2nd Birthday and my parents are having a little party for him which will be lovely. I think I might try and get to the gym on Sunday, even if its just for an upper body and abs strength session.

Hope you have all had a great weekend and have a fab weekend ahead of you! x
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