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Fertility Friday: Healthy Pregnancy: Conscious Conception

Posted Aug 03 2012 12:00am


pre-conception preparation

On special request by a number of my readers as a follow up to my posts, this is the first post in a series on conscious, healthy, natural pregnancy.

Before we launch into the how to of ensuring emotional and physical health throughout pregnancy, it is necessary to take a step back to look at pre-conception preparation and the why – why it is so important to prepare before conception actually takes place and then continue to look after our physical and emotional health once conception has occurred.

More often than not, when a couple decide to have a baby the focus is on timing. The desire and impatience to achieve actual conception can become all consuming without the thought of prior preparation. However, preparing for conception is one of the greatest gifts that parents can give their future child. Conscious conception is about preparing physically and emotionally, both individually and as a couple before conception to ensure maximum health, growth and emotional well-being in a baby, a child, a person.

On a physical level, conscious preparation takes place in several ways:

  • Ensuring a clean, safe, healthy ‘home’ for an incoming soul to take up temporary residence in, by reducing and clearing out toxins*, replenishing the body of nutrients, cutting out processed, refined foods, instead opting for a whole foods, nutrient rich diet. I often ask my clients to consider whether or not they would choose to take up residence in their body in its current state.
    When both partners prepare their bodies before conception, not only are they creating optimal egg and sperm health, increasing natural fertility, but this also paves the way for a comfortable, easy and enjoyable pregnancy, greatly increasing the chances that this baby will be carried to term and enjoy thriving health from the start.
  • Preparing your home environment to reduce and eliminate toxic exposure as much as possible thereby contributing to optimal health.

On an emotional level, conscious preparation ensures that you and your partner are in the right place and ready to receive a child, that your relationship and that you as an individual are ready to provide the most nurturing, loving, secure home for this future being. Our thoughts and the way we respond to life throughout pregnancy actually form the way that this baby will respond to the world around them after birth. This is of HUGE importance considering the fact that we are directly responsible for the creation of this being’s emotional intelligence. Will they react to the world through love, support, joy, consideration, trust or though fear, anger, sadness, mistrust, greediness etc. Yes, it may sound like a hefty responsibility to take on, and it is. We play a very important role in creating the future of the world that we want to live in and leave to future generations.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to offer their baby, this person, all the best in terms of health and happiness, the most pleasant journey into their new life?

Listen in to my talk with Alia Almoayed – two nutritionists talking about health pregnancy .

My next post in this series will focus on nurturing emotional health during pregnancy.

* my e-book ‘ More Than A Pretty Face: Planet Friendly Holistic Skin Care ‘ teaches you all about how to reduce toxic exposure through your daily skin care routine and safe, health-inducing alternatives.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on conscious conception. How did you prepare physically and emotionally before conceiving?

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