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Feeling a little nutty! by Diana Stobo

Posted Aug 25 2009 4:04pm
 I heard myself say to someone today that "if you are not enjoying your
healing process than you are not healing". And then there was silence.
Wow, that's so profound because your joy is your healing.

When people ask me if they should give up coffee, I respond with complete
certainty, "if your coffee makes you happy, then drink it". If there is a
feeling of deprivation than there is no joy.

Sometimes I crave a cheeseburger. I swear I do. I think about it,
visualize it, imagine myself taking that first bite, wiping my mouth of its
succulent juices and then complete the scenario with the full beef hangover;
bloated burger baby belly, tired eyes and lethargic body, and the emotional
punishment of 'why did I just eat that?'. I literally have to walk myself
through the process so that I realize I'm not depriving myself, I'm actually
saving myself from the potential discomfort.

My girlfriend came over the other day and I loaded up a bag of raw treats I
had just made. "Try this granola", I said. "Oh yah, try this jalapeno
cilantro cheese", as I placed it in her bag. "These Kale chips are to die
for, you'll love them". "oh my god, do you like chocolate?, I made the best
Walnut-Pecan Brownies". The look on her face was priceless...what on earth
was she going to do with all this stuff. I couldn't contain my excitement
and sent her on her merry way with a few ideas on what to do with the
cheese. I get a call from her two days later claiming she had only eaten raw
since she left my house and she has never felt better. She had no idea that
she would have so much energy. And she loved the food. She couldn't
believe that the foods that tasted so good could make her feel so great.

Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't. I was on the airplane
coming home from LA snacking on my normal travel mixture of raw nuts, dried
fruit and some dark chocolate ( I love a little chocolate, it makes me
happy). And, then my tummy got a little funky. It could have been the
awkward landing on the runway that made my body bounce out of the chair, but
more than likely, I overdid it on the raw nuts. I have to remind myself to
drink lots of water when I eating dried or dehydrated foods and raw nuts.
They can be a little dense at times.

We (Americans) do not have a palate for fermented foods. Why do you suppose?
We like sweets, fats, and starches, but not tart sour things! Hmmm! We are
one of the only countries that does not regularly eat fermented foods. I
think the most amazing food ever is raw sauerkraut. I'm so addicted to it
right now that it goes on my salad, in my wraps, on my crackers, and just
eaten plain out of the jar. Its super yummy, and so good for your tummy.
It's important to find a brand you like or make it yourself, because they
all taste different. I like mine really Sour.

I woke up this morning feeling a little off. My face was puffy, and I
didn't have as much energy as usual. I kicked into detox mode and this is
how my day went. Get up, make Almond Milkshake. Check e-mail. Get dressed,
and head out for a new kickboxing class that someone told me about, (Great
class by the way-super hard cardio) Made myself an amazing Green juice
which I had to add extra lemon to for a more cleansing boost. Took a sauna
to sweat out the puffiness in my body. Showered, had a colonic to clean me
out and hydrate me. And then had the most amazing lymphatic massage to move
toxins out of my tissue. I invented a new recipe with Lobster Mushrooms,
and as it was marinating, I headed up the mountain for a walk with my super
high anxiety dog. He cracks me up. So I laughed ALOT! Came home and took
photos of my creation, ate it, and it was good! Now I feel great. It's
almost midnight and I'm super energized. I love detox days!
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