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Feeding Picky Eaters

Posted by kibbe Facebook

I have been attempting to introduce my boyfriend into a more healthy lifestyle. The only problem is... he is one of the pickiest eaters I have probably ever met. He barely eats veggies at all and I know that a diet heavy on fruit is pretty sugary. 

Veggies he specifically hates: cucumbers, tomatoes (whole... it's a texture thing, but will eat pureed, etc.), bell peppers, broccoli, squash... and probably a bunch more that I will remember as I continue to try to cook for him.

He prefers all things fried, starchy, cheesy, fatty and lovvveessss lots and lots of meat.

I have tried switching little things like switching to whole wheat pasta, blending down chunky spaghetti sauce, incorporating mushrooms into meals since I discovered he likes those, keeping the egg yolk to whites ratio heavy on the whites for omletes and whatnot... but I'm starting to lose steam in my quest to getting him off junk food and onto real non-processed foods as possible. 

 Any tips? 

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Hello :) My suggestions are try switching Beef,Pork and such for more,Paultry, Fish or a more healthier version of the meats above. Also maybe try some Non meat alternatives? There are some Like Veggie Nuggets they are really good and you can't even tell there's no meat in them! Plus so many more non meat items you wouldn't even know they are Vegetarian!! I would just slowly incorporate Veggies in his food with out telling him and see if he notices the difference :) For example you can substitute creamed Colliflower for mashed potatoes! Also Cook with more olive oil and Lighter sauces. Yam fries are great even home made;just wash a yam/sweet potato and cut up and coat in Olive oil,then put on tray in oven for only 15-20mins and a little seasalt-so tastey :) and dip in a mayo,mustard and spice dip yum!! Mustard comes in so many different kinds and is a healthy item to use for sauces,dips,dressings and on it's own-so yummy!! Mustard is so much better than ketchup! Also White Miso is mild tasting Soya sauce and you can add it to any thing and it adds Flavor,Vits,Enzymes to any dish!! You could have him try different kinds of Grains Like Quin wa,(sp?),Cous Cous,wild rice,brown rice and add the veggies he Likes to them? Or take him to an Organic store 1 time per week and let him pick out 2 items he's willing to try for the week and see how it goes! Amy's brand has so many great options for meat and non meat eater's!!! Her food is soooo good!! Whole Food=the whole fruit/veggie-not just the juice-Smoothies with Veggies and Fruit mixed together is a great way to incorprate Veggies in his food! Even kids will eat them!! You could also try Looking up how to add Veggies to kids meals and try those recipes-if kids will eat the kid friendly recipes then he should! Also try healthy options for snack foods;kettle cooked popcorn-with or with out sugar-so good,veggie chips-yum!,whole wheat tortilla chips and home made salsa and gaucamole with red peppers yum,Hummus! Etc I hope these suggestions help your guy eat more healthy <3 Good Luck Pleas can you let me know how things go as I'm curious :) Thanks

You could always try portioning. For example, let him have the meat and cheesy things, just not as much. Trying to get a picky eater to eat is all about trial and error.

Try subtle subs - one cup of whole wheat flour and three cups of regular doesn't make a difference in baked goods! A little cauliflower blended into your mashed potatoes is completely unnoticeable! 


Just don't go whole-horse all at once - do 1/4 cauliflower, 3/4 mashed potatoes, for example. If you suddenly put a plate of pure blended cauliflower in front of him, he's going to be like WTF? Good luck! :P 

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