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February Festivities

Posted Feb 04 2013 4:45pm

Hello, February! I’m already feeling the love this month, courtesy of Michaels .


I had to stop myself from picking up an Easter-themed door hanging, too. One holiday at a time. Although I will say that the coupons on the Michaels app make it hard to resist (and no, Michaels did not ask me to say any of this – I just think it’s an awesome store).

This month has gotten off to a great start thanks to a very special visitor who was in town this past weekend – Jill ! It was the first time I’d seen her since 2012 and we had an amazing time catching up. We spent our Thursday and Friday working, albeit on separate projects these days. On Thursday we worked from 32 Shea , a delicious local coffee shop that even makes its own seasonal syrups .


I had a nonfat latte with “Vienna” syrup, a mixture of vanilla and cinnamon. It really hit the spot.


It was a lot of fun to work across from this lady again. Just like old times!


On Saturday we woke up bright and early to begin our mini road trip to Sedona . The weather was absolutely perfect for us this entire trip – 60s and 70s with plenty of sunshine every day.


This was Jill’s first trip to Sedona, and I don’t think it’s ever possible to talk it up too much. There is something about turning the corner into a world of gorgeous red rock unlike anywhere else in Arizona that gets me every single time. I think she agreed! The backdrop behind us in the picture below doesn’t even seem real, but we were surrounded.


One of Jill’s friends recommended ChocolaTree for lunch, an organic vegetarian eatery that boasts an impressive array of eats, including an entire case of mouthwatering vegan chocolates. I decided to go with the house kombucha and a Mediterranean wrap, which came with veggie hummus, homemade falafel pate, tomato, clover sprouts, romaine lettuce and cucumber. The ingredients were served in a sundried tomato wrap with a side of creamy garlic dill dip. It was ah-mazing!


For dessert, I tried a sea salt caramel, blueberry-lavender chocolate and a dark chocolate almond butter Buddha, all of which tasted as good as they sound. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around and taking in the sights.


I’m fairly certain that we never would have made it in the Wild West with these faces.


And this dancing statue (it rotates!) continues to be one of my favorite things to see in Sedona.


We had an absolute blast during Jill’s stay, ending her visit on Sunday with the exact opposite of an organic vegetarian meal: a trip to In-N-Out Burger . As always, it was worth every greasy bite. Their secret sauce is the best.


After dropping Jill off at the airport, I headed up to the Benders for the Super Bowl. No game is ever as good without your team in it, but I have to admit that this one was entertaining. The game was exciting (thanks in large part to the blackout), and the commercials weren’t too shabby, either. I was also in awe of the Sandy Hook chorus, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys…and then this moment:


As if Beyoncé wasn’t amazing enough, a Destiny’s Child reunion that included a group rendition of “Single Ladies” just about made me fall on the floor giggling with happiness. It was my teenage years all over again. Happiness. Did I mention happiness?

Congrats to the Ravens on their win. I have several favorite commercials, but this one made me cry (I was still shaky after the DC reunion…) and was just so cute I couldn’t resist posting it.

Did you watch the Super Bowl? What was your favorite moment, commercial, etc.

I will miss you football. See you in the fall.



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