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feature food friday: hard boiled eggs

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:13pm

I am trying to vamp up my protein intake a bit more. Don't worry I am not going Atkins on all ya'll, just wasn't getting much in the first place. So I hard boiled a bunch of eggs so I can get a little more each day.
We all know, I love eggs! Remember this old post? Eggseptional!
I found a little more info about the health benefits whilst googling the calories to track for myself.
Eggs are rich in protein, nutritional powerhouses and consideredsuperfood.While relatively high in cholesterol (about 212 mg in a hard-boiled egg), in moderation, they won't do any harm. In fact, research has shown that eating up to seven eggs in a week doesn't increase your risk for heart disease.A hard-boiled egg is a convenient and energy-boosting snack. But how many calories are in a hard-boiled egg?Ahard-boiled egg has around 70 calories. Cut on top of a salad or just enjoyed on its own, a hard-boiled egg is a healthful addition to any diet. With 6 grams of highly-digestible protein and a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, eggs add good nutrition to your day. What's more, more than half of the 5 grams of fat in an egg are unsaturated.Make some hard-boiled eggsand store them in your fridge (shells on) for convenient and nutritious snacks

So be honest, eggs for you?
How can you get a little more protein with eggs?
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